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7/24: Intranets, Extranets & Enterprise Collaboration:

7/24: Intranets, Extranets & Enterprise Collaboration What is an intranet? An internal Internet What is an extranet? An intranet accessible to customers, suppliers, and/or business partners Applications of intranets Communications & collaboration Business operations & management

Intranet Technology Resources:

Intranet Technology Resources Web browsers & servers Search engines Network management software Database servers Mail & news servers

Business Value of Intranets:

Business Value of Intranets Cost savings Publishing, mailing, distribution costs Training & development costs Increased productivity & quality Speed, access to information for decision making Increased morale & employee involvement


Extranets Intranet accessible to customers, suppliers, or business partners Could be on a virtual private network (VPN) Facilitate interaction to speed processes between partners

The Future of Intra/Extranets:

The Future of Intra/Extranets Currently (majority): information publishing apps Future: inquiry-based systems (database apps) and transaction processing systems i.e. GE Information Services

Small Groups: Cases:

Small Groups: Cases Answer the questions at the end of the case: US West Communications (pg. 351) Nu Skin International (pg. 369) Reliance Group Holdings (pg. 395) Knight-Ridder Publishing (pg. 396) Amoco Chemical (pg. 397)

Enterprise Collaboration Systems:

Enterprise Collaboration Systems Designed to help employees & partners to: Communicate: share information Coordinate: using resources, planning Collaborate: working together cooperatively Definition: an information system designed to support all the above.


Teams Team: two or more people collaborating on the same project or task. Formal or informal Virtual team A temporary team united by a task, not by organization.

Tools for ECS: Groupware:

Tools for ECS: Groupware Groupware Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, etc. Support collaboration through email, discussion forums, calendaring, etc. MS Office, Lotus SmartSuite, & Corel WordPerfect Office are adding groupware elements

Tools for ECS: Other:

Tools for ECS: Other Email Used more frequently for document transfer Internet phone & fax Low cost, universal access Web publishing Collaboration Information broadcast

ECS: Electronic Conferencing Tools:

ECS: Electronic Conferencing Tools Data & Voice Conferencing Whiteboarding Microsoft NetMeeting, Netscape Conference Videoconferencing Desktop teleconferencing Teleconferencing Discussion Forums Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) Chat Systems Electronic Meeting Systems

ECS: Collaborative Work Mgt. Tools:

ECS: Collaborative Work Mgt. Tools Calendaring & Scheduling Netscape Calendar, GroupWise, MS Exchange Project Management Workflow Systems Inc. document image management Lotus Notes, GroupWise, MS Exchange Knowledge Management Knowledge databases, repositories