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SOIL SOL 3.1 & 3.7

Soil provides :

Soil provides support and nutrients for plant growth

EROSION is the movement of sediment and rock to new places. :

EROSION is the movement of sediment and rock to new places.

Weathering :

Weathering breaks down rocks to create soil. It can be caused by weather, water, or living things

There are five components of soil: :

There are five components of soil: 1. Rock 2. Sand 3. Silt 4. Clay 5. Humus Can you match each type of soil to its picture?

Rock :

Rock Rock is solid and made of minerals

Sand :

Sand Sand is tiny grains of worn down rock. It doesn’t hold water or have many nutrients.

Silt :

Silt Silt is very small, broken pieces of rock. It is larger than clay, but smaller than sand. It is powdery when dry. Sand ------------ Silt- --------------Clay (smaller particles) (larger particles)


CLAY Clay holds water well. It is sticky and can be shaped when it is wet. But, it is very hard when dry. Clay has many nutrients. Clay is used for adobe or brick houses.

Humus :

Humus Humus is made of leaves, twigs, small animals, or other decayed substances . Humus adds many nutrients to the soil. Humus is in the top soil .

3 Layers of Soil :

3 Layers of Soil Top soil (The layer on TOP ) Sub soil (The prefix SUB means under) Bed rock (It’s hard as rock down there!)

Natural Resources :

Natural Resources Made by NATURE Cannot be replaced Must be conserved (saved)!

Ways to Conserve Soil:

Ways to Conserve Soil Plant trees Plant grass Healthy farming Plant gardens to grow crops What else can you do to conserve soil?

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