75Million Year Old Product Finally Reaches Consumer.

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Miracle product getting results where modern medicine has no answers... Amazing New Home Business Hits UK, and is set to make YOU a fortune.


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Welcome to

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Who Are We?

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We are Simply Naturals Limited 100% British OwnedNutrition Company Headquarters inWest Byfleet, Surrey, UK Experienced Management Team 100% Debt Free

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Our Goal... IS TO BECOME A... £100 Million GLOBAL COMPANY £100M

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We Have a Unique Product A Life-Changing Health Product No Other Company has it Everyone Wants It

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Life-Changing Product “SIZZLING MINERALS”

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Just One Example of The Many Testimonials We Receive Every Day... “My name is Ivor Knott I am 71 and have only been taking the Sizzling Minerals for 3 weeks. I had an corneal transplant 3 years ago and have been attending eye hospital every 3 months for check up to measure pressure and clarity. Imagine my delight to be told that the eye has never look better is crystal clear and the pressure is normal. The only thing different is I have been taking Sizzling Minerals, and they do not want to see me for 6 months. I have been suffering from a pain on the right side of my neck for over 8 months unable to turn my head without suffering sharp pains. I am now not getting any pain and have stopped taking pain killers. My wife Kathy is having great results and has noticed her rheumatoid arthritis is improving daily. We both feel amazing and will never stop taking the minerals.” Ivor and Kathy

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Why MINERALS? Dr Linus Pauling2 Time Nobel Prize Laureate Stated... You Can Trace Every Sickness, Every Disease And Every Ailment to a Mineral Deficiency “ ”

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99% of Our Bodies Are Made Up of Minerals Minerals Help to Strengthen Your Immune System Minerals are Crucial for Maintaining Strong, Healthy Bones Children Need Substantial Mineral Intake to Ensure Future Healthy Development Minerals are Critical for Promoting Healthy Enzyme Function Minerals are Needed for the Maintenance of a Balanced pH

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People’s Immune Systems are Suffering as The Minerals in Their Bodies are Just Not at the Levels They Should Be! Vitamins are Virtually Useless Without Minerals Fact… Nothing in your body works correctly without minerals. We call them “The Spark Plugs of Life”

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You May Be Shocked to Discover 99% of You Are VERY WRONG Have You Heard of Sub-Clinical Disease? Sub-Clinical Disease is Disease Without any Symptoms Heart Disease, Diabetes and Arthritis are Just a Few Examples of Diseases That Can Develop Over Many Years Without Feeling any Symptoms Do YOU Think You Are Healthy Right Now?

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Sub-Clinical Disease Stage 1 has no physical symptoms. Stage 2 gives warning signs such as allergies, headaches, mild fatigue, painful joints etc. These are early symptoms of Sub-Clinical disease. Stage 3 is when it gets serious (symptomatic) Plant Mineral deficiency is a major cause of degenerative sub-clinical disease that can lead to serious health problems. Why wait until things get serious ? Listen to the Dr. Bender Audio at: www.SimplyNaturals.com

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Sub-Clinical Disease Aches and Pains Osteoarthritis Diabetes type 2 Tiredness Recurring Sickness Issues Psoriasis High or low blood pressure High Cholesterol Insomnia Asthma And Many Many More… They Wonder Why No Remedy Really Seems To Work? Many People Suffer With...

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What's the Problem?

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Soil Depletion & Minerals “The practice of industrial agriculture has lead to a dramatic decline in the nutritional quality of food stuffs over the last century, through selecting –out of nutrients in the process of plant breeding, and poor soil fertility enhancing practices. Mineral levels in UK fruits and vegetables fell by up to 76% between 1940 and 1991 (Baker, 2001; Mayer, 1997; McCance & Widdowson, 1940-1991), and a similar trend has been seen in the United States where nutrient content has declined in 43 garden crops between 1950 to 1999 (Davis et al, 2005; Bergner, 1997). On Canada’s prairie soils, 50% of nutrients and organic matter have been lost due to industrial practices (Rees & Wackernagel, 1996). Although detailed data is not available for every country, globally figures shows disturbingly similar trends towards poor nutrient levels and in particular mineral levels.” Global Soil Depletion is a major problem

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An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away?

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Not any more...

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Why? Over Farming NPK Farming Chemical Fertilizers Acid Rain Air Pollution

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Mineral Depletion Reports... World Health OrganisationUK Ministry of Agriculture Royal Society of ChemistryUnicef

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Our Bodies Need At Least 60 Plant Derived Minerals Each Day In Order To Maintain A Disease and Ailment Free State Dr Gary Price-ToddMD and Best Selling Author

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Around 75 Million Years Ago There Was No Shortage of Mineral Rich Fruit And Nutritious Vegetation

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No Over Farming No NPK Fertilisers No Chemical Pesticides No Acid Rain No Air Pollution No Processing

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...75 Million Years Ago! This Lush Pre-Historic Vegetate, Complete With all its Plant Derived Minerals, Was Swallowed up by Glaciers and Buried Around...

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This Plant Derived Mineral Rich Vegetate Was Hidden From Mankind Until Now…

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Our Plant Minerals Our Minerals are Derived From the Mineral Rich Natural Organic Pre-historic Vegetate. This Amazing Organic Vegetate is Compressed Prehistoric Vegetation Dating Back 75 Million Years. This Lush Vegetation Grew in Mineral Rich Soils Which are Simply Not Present Today. These Rare Plant Minerals are Extracted With Pure, Cool Clear Water to the Desired Concentration and Then Passed Through a Complex Array of Special Filters to Allow Only Pure, Organic Minerals in the Final Solution.

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Why Plant Derived Minerals? Surely Cheaper Metallic Minerals Are The Same! NO ! NO ! NO !Here’s Why...

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Put Simply, If a Metallic Mineral Were The Size Of a Football… ...Then a Plant Derived Mineral Would Be The Size of a Pinhead and Much Easier For Our Bodies to Absorb Actually a Plant Derived Mineral is 7,000 Times Smaller Than a Human Blood Cell

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1 Months Supply (30) of Daily Mineral Wafers Each Wafer Contains 75 Organic Pure Plant Minerals No Colours, Carbs, Fats or Preservatives Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians Suitable for All Ages, Sexes and Conditions Can be Added to any Drinks (Water Preferred) Dissolves Quickly Delivers Genuine and Noticeable Health Benefits Associated With Optimum Mineral Intake Simply Naturals Flagship Product: Sizzling Minerals

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Can You Buy Similar Minerals In High Street Shops? Many people have tried and failed They had to buy multiple products and the most so far has been 21 minerals with the majority being metallic (ground up rocks and clay). The cost was 3 times the price of Sizzling Minerals

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Just One Example of The Many Testimonials We Receive Every Day... Type 2 Diabetes & High Blood Pressure - A Thing Of The Past! “I have suffered from Type 2 Diabetes for 5 years, High Blood Pressure for 14 years approx., Osteoarthritis pain in my knee for 21years and taking Doctor’s medication and also nutrition supplements from different companies and yet I continued to suffer. I started taking the Sizzling Minerals also the original Juice (liquid minerals). I have now weaned myself off all the doctor’s medications. My right 4th toe no longer goes over my big toe, as deformity had started. For the past three months I can now walk flat as my right foot had a tendency to arch due to the deformity that was creeping in because of Arthritis. Thanks to Sizzling Minerals my life has improved dramatically.” Neville, London - UK But Do They Really Work? Thousands of happy consumers certainly think so… Go to www.SimplyNaturals.com and read the testimonials. You can genuinely change peoples lives with Sizzling Minerals. That’s what makes this business so enjoyable and so lucrative !!

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Simply Naturals CEO, Peter Willoughby, is Convinced that the Plant Derived Minerals Saved Him From Certain Death After Discovering He Had A Major Heart Problem

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Peter’s Passion is to Introduce Sizzling Minerals to Everyone This is Why Peter Bought The Company and all Mineral Manufacturing Rights Too!

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Approximately 4 out of 10 people in the UK Already Use Some Form Of Health Supplement Global Awareness and Purchasing of Health Supplements is Growing Rapidly Many Practitioners and Healthcare Professionals Are Realising the benefits Of Sizzling Minerals

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Sportsmen Sportswomen Athletes and The Super Fit Are All Finding That They Can Benefit From Sizzling Minerals and Associated Products

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Old or Young Fit or Not Healthy or Not Everyone Can Benefit From Sizzling Minerals

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Simply Naturals Do Not Make Any Claims to Cure Anything

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What Do Simply Naturals Do? They Provide the World’s Best Source of 75 Natural Plant Derived Minerals That Restore and Maintain the Body’s Bio-Chemistry. Their Unique Product is Called ‘Sizzling Minerals’

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When Your Body is Fully Charged With More Than 60 Plant Derived Minerals its Defence Systems Can Work at Full Capacity Maintaining Good Health and Fighting Off Sickness and Disease FULLY CHARGED

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Simply Naturals Has Olympic Athletes, Football Players, Film Stars and Bodybuilders UsingSizzling Minerals asTheir Secret Weapon SECRET WEAPON

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Not Only Can YouExperience the BenefitsFrom Sizzling Minerals... We Can Show You a Way to Get Your Sizzling Minerals for FREE !!!

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Or even make someextra income! Statutory Earnings Warning Required by UK Law as follows: It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. Simply Naturals commissions are earned by the sale of products and not the act of recruiting others into the business plan.

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The Simply Naturals Home Based Business

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£1 Billion per annum £18 Billion per annum £650 Million per annum Global Market Opportunity Rest of the World £ ???? Billions

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This is Your Chance to Profit Global Health and Wellness Sales Are Set to Boom Over the Next 50 Years

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Are you Stuck? Time & MoneyTrap (rat race)

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Sadly for Most J.O.B. Means ‘Just Over Broke’ Having a Job is How Many People Earn Money Trading Their Time for Money And Never Getting Ahead

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FACTS: The majority of people trade time for Money Most people dream of living the good life…but don’t…it’s only a dream. If you work for someone else, you are helping them pay for their nice house, car, boat, vacation, etc. They are living YOUR dream. The majority of people cannot afford to start up a business.  Instead they have a job working for those who can, and… they trade their time for money.

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What would happen if you lost your Job Tomorrow? How would that affect you and those around you? Think about it… Pretty Scary ? Harsh Reality for Many people today Do You have a Plan B ?

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Don’t have the skills to start a business Don’t know where, or even how to start THEN…allow us to show you how you can still achieve your dreams…even though all looks hopeless Don’t Wait… Stop Trading YOUR Time for Money! If YOU don’t build your dream…Someone will hire you to help build THEIRS

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So What’s The Answer?

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Start Your OwnPart-Time Business YOU DECIDE

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Enjoy Amazing Lifestyle Incentives Genuine Incentives YES… How Surprised Would Your Family & Friends Be When You Pull up in Your Brand New Car ?

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FREECAR £300 to £4,000 per Month You Choose the Car

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Or Invite Them to Your Lovely New House

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Mortgage Paid Up To £5,000 per Month LUXURY HOUSE

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Achieve YOUR Dreams With the Simply Marketing System! A Simple System That Allows YOU to Achieve Your Goals by Following Simple Steps…

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What Makes The Simply Naturals Home Business a Winner?

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A huge expanding global market A unique consumable product that customers buy every month No stock to hold, No premises, No deliveries and No employees Low running costs and low risk A product that actually works

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Plenty of rewards and incentives A reliable and solid company with long term security Lots of help and support Residual‘Passive Income’from customers all over the world Perfect market timing !

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How Do I Get Paid?

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+ Residual Income Every Month (Customer must be on Sizzling Minerals monthly autoship) For Every New Customer Who Buys Sizzling Minerals You Get£10.00

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+ Residual Income Every Month (Distributor must be on Sizzling Minerals monthly autoship) For Every New Distributor Who Buys Sizzling Minerals You Get£10.00

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Add this to your 6 x £10 and you’ve got… £100.00 Get Just 6 People Who Take Sizzling Minerals Within 60 Days of Joining You Get £40.00 (Customer must be on Sizzling Minerals monthly autoship) A Great Start !!

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Now Help Your NewDistributor Get 4 Customers You Get £75.00 +Residual Income Every Month From Their Customers

Slide 72: 

Keep Repeating This Simple Process and Build a Massive Global Income As Your Team Builds You Climb The Ranks And Earn More and More Money… Hit a Leadership RankAnd You Will Trigger the‘Global Infinity Bonus’

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Global Infinity Bonus Triggered When You Hit The Rank of Manager Imagine Being Paid From Thousands of Customers all Around the World down to Infinity. This Can Create a SeriousLife-Changing Income For YOU See Pay-Plan For Details

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The Stairway of SUCCESS GMD Global Marketing Director SE Senior Executive E Executive SM Senior Manager (Car plan starts) M Manager (Infinity bonus starts) SD Senior Distributor QD Qualified Distributor D Distributor GMD SE E SM M SD QD D

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What Is Residual Income? When You Do Something Once Then Keep Getting Paid Over and Over Again Examples: Song or Book Royalties, Property Rents, Dividends from Shares Earn Simply Naturals Passive Residual Income No Matter What Else You Are Doing

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Can You Imagine Getting Paid Over and Over Again Even While You Sleep?

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…And All Because You Chose to do Something Different From the Masses

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The Final Exciting Piece of the Puzzle The ‘Simply’ Brand Will be Used For Many Other Products and Services in the Future Such as… Simply Pet Care, Simply Insurance, Simply Weight Loss etc etc… The Customers in Your Team Belong to Your Team FOREVER. Anything the Company Markets to Those Customers Will Generate Commission for YOU THINK ABOUT THAT!

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How Much Would You InvestFor a Lifetime of Residual Income? £500? £5,000? £25,000? A FranchiseCan Cost ManyThousands

Slide 81: 

How Much are Businesses? Sandwich bar £75,000+ Etyres£34,000+ Domino’s Pizza £280,000+ Chips Away £35,000+ Snap-on £80,000+

Slide 82: 

So… How Much To Start YourSimply Naturals Business?

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£199.95 The Total Cost to Get Involved With This Amazing Business Today is Only This breaks down to…

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The enrolment fee This Gives You An Opportunity To Earn A Serious Income And Includes... Starter Kit With business manual, promotion literature, DVD videos, tri-folds, action plan, customer postcards, distributor postcards and more…

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The enrolment fee Will Be An Incredible Once Only... £167.99 (inc VAT)

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Sizzling Minerals Autoship £28.97 per month (inc VAT and Shipping) As a distributor on autoship buying Sizzling Minerals you are entitled to receive commissions from your team member’s customers Your body needs Sizzling Minerals so you should consume the product anyway. There’s nothing better than promoting a product you know actually works

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£2.99 per month (inc VAT) This is for the setup, hosting & support (HSB) for your replicated Simply Naturals websites, back office training area and business management centre You will have a ‘dot com’ website for getting customers and distributors. You will also have a ‘dot biz’ website for accessing your training resources and marketing materials Hosting, Set Up, Support And Back Office

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10 Reasons Why You Should Join Today… 1. Get in right at the start 2. Unique life-changing Product 3. UK Based HQ with Management Team Experienced in Both Network Marketing and Corporate Business 4. Health & Wellness Market Growing Rapidly 5. A Real Chance to Become Wealthy

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6. More Free Time to do What You Want 7. An Opportunity to Grab Free Shares in a Growing Company 8. Amazing Incentives Such as Free Cars, Houses and Holidays 9. Strong Training, Support and Coaching 10. World Leading Compensation Pay-Plan With Infinity Bonus & Residual Income 10 Reasons Why You Should Join Today…

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SO… Do You Want To Give it a Go ? Please Ask The Person Who Cared Enough to Invite You to This Presentation To Show You How to Register and Help You Get Started Straight Away…