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Development idea : 

Development idea To develop a concept of organic farm houses ’


CONCEPT A community of farmhouses, with a small ‘Organic Farming Sensitization’ institute to be developed The farmhouse community to be surrounded by lands being used for organic farming The farmhouses are set around well-tended organic farms in a scenic environment where one can quietly sit to admire the beauty of the hills surrounding Wada Individuals to buy farm houses + land units in multiples of 1 acre and contract it to the ‘Organic Farming Firm’ for agriculture ‘Organic Farming Firm’ shares profits with the farm owners, part of which are used in farm house and community maintenance Individuals can also get part of the harvest grown in their farms for their own kitchens


CONCEPT Some farm house owners can rent out their farm houses to ‘Mokshana’ to be used as part of the ‘Organic Holidays’ programme for tourism (corporate , families and enthusiasts ) Guest are offered good farmhouse accommodation and organic breakfast created from fresh, locally sourced ingredients Walks into countryside, cycling and other activities can be encouraged Organic Farming Sensitization Institute to also have a small tea-house and eatery which uses the produce of the land Serves as a restaurant for guests and a small club house for residents


CONCEPT Other Features ‘Organic farming firm’ could either wholesale the organic produce or alternatively it could develop a brand and retail it to select areas Concept of fractional ownership of farmhouse+ farmland can be introduced to reduce entry cost The successful residential landscape provides a graceful transition from the design form and vocabulary of the built environment to the indigenous qualities of the Wada Valley.

Rationale : 

Rationale Rationale Gives a compelling reason to invest if a strong business case for organic farming is made With a clear-cut ROI from organic farming, mitigates the risk from pure-play second home market ( which is currently depressed) Due to fractional ownership, reduces the cost of entry/trial Ties in well with the current Mokshana concept of health and wellness Creates trial, awareness and interest in the ‘Wellness Development’ Site and adjoining areas consists of fertile land and water resources

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