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By: billy06 (160 month(s) ago)

some of the writeing at the bottem is jumbled up but is a good presant

By: Weal (160 month(s) ago)

not bad try not to over lap text

By: 5platoon (160 month(s) ago)

i like it its really friendly a bit like you and good use of colours and also i like the different cateogories

By: matt06 (160 month(s) ago)

verry good it gets to the point quicly and its easy to use

By: vicky111 (160 month(s) ago)

really good love the pictures and font

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Slide 2: 

What Interests You? Bungee Jumping? Shopping? Swimming With Dolphins? Beauty? Trip To Paris?

Slide 3: 

Bungee Jumping, Enjoy a breathtaking experience from Red Letter Days, travel to the highest of lands, and discover a thrilling adventure for people who crave excitement from only £75 pounds.

Slide 4: 

Shopping Trip, Indulge in a luxury shopping trip for two in Paris, one of the fashion capitals of the world. The trip includes a week in a 5 star hotel, and two £50 gift certificates. All for£669.99 for two.

Slide 5: 

Swimming With Dolphins, Enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity for as little as £1999 including flight to Florida, Accommodations, a meal for two in a five star restaurant and 14 nights in a 5 star hotel.

Slide 6: 

For just £30 pounds two people can enjoy a day pass to a Beauty Spa, indulge in massages, spray tans, hair and makeup, pedicures, manicures and many other luxurious things. Beauty Spa

Slide 7: 

Trip To Paris, Enjoy a truly magnificent experience from Red Letter Days for £1499 for two people for 7 days. Includes two flight tickets to Paris &7 nights in a hotel. An unforgettable experience in a beautiful city.

Slide 8: 

Please confirm your details Name- Address- Contact Number-

Slide 9: 

Thank you for choosing Red Letter Days to deliver your unforgettable experience. Your chosen experience is on the way. If you have any further information please contact 0800 451 768 for details.