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Introduction to Project Management and PMP Certification, PMP Exam Simulator, What is the PMP? , PMI Membership, Applying for the PMP Exam.


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Introduction to Project Management and PMP Certification :

6/23/2017 Introduction to Project Management and PMP Certification www.Testudaan.com 1 PMP Exam Simulator

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PMP = Project Management Professional Internationally recognized professional certification offered by Project Management Institute (PMI), USA To become certified you must take the PMP exam 200 multiple-choice questions Four hours to take Costs $405 for Members in US Costs $555 for Non-Members in US PMBoK – Project Management Book of Knowledge Library of standards Encyclopedia of project management PMI ® Northern Louisiana Chapter – Our PMP Exam Experience What is the PMP? 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 2 PMP Exam Simulator

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PMI Membership Costs Initial Fees: $129 to join + $10 application fee | Student: $32/ yr Renewal Fee: $129/ yr | Student: $32/ yr | Retiree: $65/ yr Chapter Fees: $10/ yr PMP Renewal Fee: $60/3 yrs for PMI members | $150/ 3 yrs for non-PMI Benefits of PMI Membership Access to webinars, blogs, articles, and papers Resources about everything project management related Ability to network with PMs all over the world Discounts on exams, trainings, books, and renewals Access to most current PMBoK There is a PMP renewal fee and 60 PDUs every three years is required to maintain your certification PMI ® Northern Louisiana Chapter – Our PMP Exam Experience PMI Membership 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 3 PMP Exam Simulator

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Prerequisites: Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent) 7,500 hours leading and directing projects 35 hours of project management education OR Four-year degree 4,500 hours leading and directing projects 35 hours of project management education PMI ® Northern Louisiana Chapter – Our PMP Exam Experience Applying for the PMP Exam 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 4 PMP Exam Simulator

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60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three years Ways to Earn PDUs Organization Meetings Education sessions or PMI chapter meetings Education Course or Training (in-person or online) Read Informal Learning (Mentoring) Giving back Give a presentation, share knowledge, create content, volunteer, or work as practitioner PMI ® Northern Louisiana Chapter – Our PMP Exam Experience Maintenance of PMP 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 5 PMP Exam Simulator

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Growth in PMP Certification , 1993-2015 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 6 PMP Exam Simulator

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Sets you apart Allows you to work in any industry PMI provides resource for people looking for jobs: http://www.pmi.org/membership/benefits/career-professional Increases earning potential and provides more job opportunities Free report that provides salary data from 26,000 PMP in 34 countries: http://www.pmi.org/learning/careers/project-management-salary-survey Opens the door for networking with other Project Manager professionals Helps you to drive projects more efficiently Challenges you PMI ® Northern Louisiana Chapter – Our PMP Exam Experience Benefits of Being PMP Certified 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 7 PMP Exam Simulator

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A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to produce a unique product or service Temporary – Definitive beginning and end Unique – New undertaking, unfamiliar ground Temporary Unique Characteristics of Projects What is a Project? 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 8 PMP Exam Simulator

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Why do you need a methodology? 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 9 PMP Exam Simulator

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Operations Semi-permanent charter, organization, and goals Maintains status quo Standard product or service Homogeneous teams Ongoing Projects Create own charter, organization, and goals Catalyst for change Unique product or service Heterogeneous teams Start and end date Contrast Projects and Operations 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 10 PMP Exam Simulator

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Project Vs. Operations: 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 11 PMP Exam Simulator

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Project’s are Authorized because of 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 12 PMP Exam Simulator

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Generic Cost and Staffing Life Cycle 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 13 PMP Exam Simulator

Example Phases:

Example Phases Concept and Proposal Development Implementation Termination Verification Final Phase Intermediate Phases Initial Phase Project Life Cycle 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 14 PMP Exam Simulator

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Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to all the project activities to meet the project requirements. Managing a project typically requires : Identifying and understanding the requirements Addressing various needs and expectations of stakeholders Effective communications with all the stakeholders Managing and engaging stakeholders towards meeting project requirements and creating project deliverables Balancing the competing project constraints - Scope, Quality, Schedule, Budget, Resources and Risks 6/23/2017 What is Project Management ? www.Testudaan.com 15 PMP Exam Simulator

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Are groups of related projects , sub-programs and program activities managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually e.g. shared benefits, shared resources Example : Installing a new communication satellite system - Project 1 : Design of the satellite and the ground stations Project 2 : Construction of each Project 3 : Integration of the system and Project 4 : Would be launch of the satellite A program manager focuses on delivering tangible e.g. Growing operating margin or intangible e.g. Improving the morale of the team benefits to the organization while a project manager focuses on fulfilling the requirements of a project What are Programs ? 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 16 PMP Exam Simulator

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Program Example: 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 17 PMP Exam Simulator

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Are a collections of projects, programs , sub-portfolios, and operations managed as a group to achieve strategic business goal or objective The projects and programs of the portfolio not necessarily be interdependent or directly related What are Portfolios ? 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 18 PMP Exam Simulator

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Portfolio Example: 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 19 PMP Exam Simulator

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Project Manager 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 20 PMP Exam Simulator

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Effective project managers provide leadership by example A leader focuses on long-term goals and big-picture objectives while inspiring people to reach those goals A manager deals with the day-to-day details of meeting specific goals Project managers often take on the role of both leader and manager Importance of Leadership Skills 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 21 PMP Exam Simulator

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In the 100s, many companies began creating PMOs to help them handle the increasing number and complexity of projects A Project Management Office (PMO) is an organizational group responsible for coordinating the project management function throughout an organization PMP Exam Simulator Project Management Offices 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 22

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Stakeholders are the people involved in or affected by project activities Stakeholders include the project sponsor the project manager the project team support staff customers users suppliers opponents to the project Project Stakeholders 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 23 PMP Exam Simulator

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Is also referred as Project Office or Program Management Office Managing shared resources across all the projects administered by the PMO Identifying and developing project management methodology, practices & standards Coaching, mentoring, training and oversight Monitoring compliance with project management standard policies, procedures , and templates via project audits Developing and managing project policies, procedures, templates, and other shared documentation (organizational process assets) Coordinating communication across projects What is a Project Management Office ? 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 24 PMP Exam Simulator

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PMO Structures : Supportive : Supportive PMOs provide a consultative role Controlling : Controlling PMOs provide support and require compliance through various means Directive : Directive PMOs take control by managing one or more projects What is a Project Management Office ? 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 25 PMP Exam Simulator

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Ethics , loosely defined, is a set of principles that guide our decision making based on personal values of what is “right” and “wrong” Project managers often face ethical dilemmas In order to earn PMP certification, applicants must agree to PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Several questions on the PMP exam are related to professional responsibility, including ethics Ethics in Project Management 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 26 PMP Exam Simulator

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Organizations have their own styles and cultures that influence how project work is performed One of the keys to determining the type of organization you work in is measuring how much authority senior management is willing to delegate to project managers All organizations are structured in one of three ways: Functional Projectized Matrix Organizational Structure 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 27 PMP Exam Simulator

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Functional Weak Matrix Balanced Matrix Strong Matrix Projectized Project Manager’s Authority Little or None Low Low to Moderate Moderate to High High to Almost Total Resource Availability Little or None Low Low to Moderate Moderate to High High to Almost Total Who manages the project budget Functional Manager Functional Manager Mixed Project Manager Project Manager Project Manager’s Role Part-time Part-time Full-time Full-time Full-time Project Management Administrative Staff Part-time Part-time Part-time Full-time Full-time Project Characteristics Organization Structure Organization Influences on PM 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 28 PMP Exam Simulator

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This is probably the oldest style of organization and is therefore known as the traditional approach to organizing businesses Functional organizations are centered on specialties and grouped by function e.g. staff members are grouped by specialty like production, marketing, engineering and accounting at the top level Functional Organization 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 29 PMP Exam Simulator

Strong Matrix:

Radical change from weak and balanced Project Managers now operate from a separate function under their own management Project Manager is now fully independent of the Functional Managers ─ staff assigned to a project are “owned” by the Project Manager Functional Managers retain line management responsibility for their staff but daily project activities are controlled by the Project Manager Strong Matrix 30 PMP Exam Simulator

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Organizational resources are dedicated to projects and project work Project managers almost always have ultimate authority over the project Project managers are responsible for making decisions regarding the project and acquiring and assigning resources They have the authority to choose and assign resources from other areas in the organization or to hire them from outside if needed Projectized Organizations 6/23/2017 www.Testudaan.com 31 PMP Exam Simulator

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6/23/2017 Thank you Saraca Solutions Pvt. Ltd. www.Testudaan.com 32 PMP Exam Simulator