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The following article is about how to use our simulator. It explains signup procedure, login and how to take tests and get results on your email. This also explains how the question palette works with meaning of each color symbol on the palette.


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1 Product Brief - Testudaan – PMP Exam Simulator

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Product Spec. Salient Features 2 • Simulator platform is designed to the latest online PMP Exam pattern and intended to simulate the environment as close as possible. • In the best scenario simulated tests are required to be attempted in one sitting to provide you good practice for the final exam. We have exams for PMP Simulated T est Knowledge Areas and Process Groups • There is “Pause” option to stop the test anytime within the exam and resume from same place where you left. This is not encouraged but provided for flexibility. • You are allowed to take a particular PMP Simulated T est 4 times attempts maximum hence please get yourself prepared to sit for 4 hours in one stretch. • Your test results are stored in your profiles and you can review them immediately after the exam or at later stage. • A detailed steps are provided in subsequent slides to help you navigate to your tests faster.

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Step 1: Open www and Signup 3 Please open https://www and click on Signup

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Step 2A: Signup with Facebook or Google 4 Best Option and Recommended

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Step 2B: Signup with email and mobile 5 Don’t check this Box

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Step 2C: Signup by Entering Institute Code 6 Enter your code – XYZAB Option 2C - ONLY IF YOU ARE JOINING THROUGH OUR PARTNER NETWORK

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Step 3A: Login with Credentials 7

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Step 3A: Navigate to Free Simulated T est 8

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Step 3B: Dashboard and start test 9 Click here to start the test

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Step 3C: T est Screen – Click on Start T est 10

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Step 4: Question Screen 11 You can click on the answer you think is right. You can erase the choice by CLEAR or Mark a question by clicking MARK NEXT or save your answer by SAVE NEXT Button at the bottom. You can also jump to any question by clicking the number on the right side palette.

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Step 5: Submit and provide Feedback 12 Click on the SUBMIT button to submit the test. You can submit test anytime within 4 hours and see the screen below with quick summary

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Step 6: Answer Explanation for Questions 13 You can see explanation of the right answers here. You can move to NEXT / PREVIOUS button or click on question from the palette.

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Step 6.1: T est Analysis and My account. 14 Detailed Result Analysis Screens Click on MY ACCOUNT to go back to the dashboard and Your tests is saved in REPORTS

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Step 6.2: T est Analysis and My account. 15 Detailed Result Analysis Screens – Explanation of all the questions.

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Step 6.3: T est Analysis and My account. 16 Explanation of a questions with full detail.

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Step 6.4: T est Analysis and My account. 17 Detailed Result Analysis Screens - Process Group wise result and Min./ Max. Time Taken

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Step 6.5: T est Analysis and My account. 18 Click on MY ACCOUNT to go back to the dashboard and Your tests is saved in REPORTS Detailed Result Analysis Screens – Knowledge Area wise result

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