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Ketogenic diet on exercise:

Ketogenic diet on exercise ted

What is ketogenic diet?:

What is ketogenic diet? High fat Sufficient protein Low carbohydrate diet Forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates

Why should we study this?:

Why should we study this? Determine effects of Ketogenic diet on aerobic performance Athletes are constantly looking for new strategies to enhance performance Athletes to load up on carbohydrates which improves their performance and increases carbohydrate utilization during exercise Goal: decrease the rate of carbohydrate utilization but still increasing fat metabolism during endurance training

What are we studying?:

What are we studying? Studies have indicated that this diet doesn’t compromise aerobic endurance and strength performance while lowering body weight and fat mass. Athletes can metabolize fat more efficiently so ketogenic diet should be preferred over carbohydrate loading Allow subjects to maintain aerobic power and capacity Evaluated by maximal oxygen obtained and lactate threshold

Scientific concepts:

Scientific concepts Endurance trained athletes delivers more blood and oxygen to working muscles due to higher cardiac output Athletes also produce less lactate at same load due to higher lactate threshold Both of these adaptive changes facilitate fat oxidation Ketogenic diet is deficient in carbohydrates so it provides an alternative fuel source for brain and muscles

How was the research done?:

How was the research done? 8 male subjects, average age 28 years old Requirements: Off road cyclists with training experience of AT LEAST 5 years maximal oxygen uptake of 55 ml/kg/min 2 phases prior to annual training cycle Phase duration: 3 days Followed up with 4 weeks of ketogenic and mixed diet Randomly assigned to diet groups Training protocol: High volume and moderate intensity with one week recovery between the two month dietary and training interventions

How was the research done?:

How was the research done? Second phase of evaluations: Tested for maximal oxygen uptake Level of lactate threshold Progressive test: Tested heart rate Oxygen uptake Expired carbon dioxide The lactate threshold was determined by D-max method Composition of diet were evaluated in both phases

Important findings of research:

Important findings of research At moderate intensity while on a ketogenic diet: Lactate concentration was low Higher heart rate and VO2 max Lower respiratory exchange rate at maximal work loads after the ketogenic diet After last 15 min of exercise protocol there was lower plasma lactate concentration Improvements in VO2 max and lactate threshold During work at maximum intensity and was dependent on ketogenic diet This could be explained by lower muscle glycogen stores and reduced activity of glycolytic enzymes due to the 4 week diet

Is ketogenic diet effective?:

Is ketogenic diet effective? The diet proved most effective during the athletes off season The study proves that ketogenic diets can improve endurance in training but decrease the ability to perform at a high intensity