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Welcome to Utah College Info:

Welcome to Utah College Info Search . Find . Learn . Earn .

What is Utah College Info?:

What is Utah College Info? We are a site for Students, Parents and Counselors to search ALL Colleges, Universities, and Technical Schools in the state of Utah. We have gathered more than 350 schools to find the perfect match for you. We also list over 200 careers and the schools associated with those careers. Once you have found a school or a career that you want, simply go through our site step by step to learn about scholarships, school info, and actual job postings . And its all FREE!

How are we different than all the other sites out there?:

How are we different than all the other sites out there? We list all the schools in Utah (over 350). Whether they pay us or not, we list them.  Most sites only list the schools that pay them money. They make you put in your email (which they send you junkmail) before you can even see a list of schools! If you're interested in a school you may choose to request info directly from our website. The reason this site was created was because finding the right college is a stressful thing. I personally want to know all the options I have before making a decision, this site brings everything all to one place so you can make smarter decisions. To sum it all up- We take you step by step, providing you with valuable information on how to get the most value from knowing all colleges, scholarships, careers, and actual jobs available.


Schools With over 350 colleges in our database you will find the right match for you. Make sure you know the different types of schools out there: College - A four-year college grants bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Science). Some colleges also award masters degrees. University - A university grants bachelor's and master's degrees, and sometimes includes a professional school such as a law school or medical school. Universities tend to be larger than colleges, focus more on scholarly or scientific research, and might have larger class sizes. Community College - A public two-year college granting associate's degrees and sometimes certificates in particular technical (career-related) subjects. Many students tart their post secondary education at a community college and then transfer to a four-year school, either because a community college tends to be more affordable than a four-year college, or because of the open admissions policy at community colleges. Junior College - Similar to a community college, except that a junior college is usually a private school. Career School, Technical School, or Vocational/Trade School- May be public or private, two-year or less-than-two-year. Career schools offer courses that are designed to prepare students for specific careers, from welding to cosmetology to medical imaging, etc. The difference between technical schools and vocational schools is that technical schools teach the science behind the occupation, while vocational schools focus on hands-on application of skills needed to do the job.


Scholarships With more than $3.4 billion in scholarship money available don't be left behind drowning in tuition. With the tools on our site we help you find the best scholarships for you.


Careers With more than 200 careers to browse through we have detailed information about job description, salary, and schooling required for that specific job. We have also listed all the schools and programs associated with that career.


Jobs More information on Jobs coming soon!

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