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Stress management Quick stress Reduction techniques If you are stressed, do one or all of these things, in whatever order that takes your fancy sunday slids from sandeep

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Stress reduction idea 1 - humor Humor is one of the greatest and quickest devices for reducing stress. Humor works because laughter produces helpful chemicals in the brain. Humor also gets your brain thinking and working in a different way – it distracts you from having a stressed mindset. Distraction is a simple effective de-stressor – it takes your thoughts away from the stress, and thereby diffuses the stressful feelings. Therefore most people will feel quite different and notice a change in mindset after laughing and being distracted by something humorous. sunday slids from sandeep

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Stress reduction idea 2 Brisk walk and self-talk Go for a short quick really brisk walk outside. Yes, actually leave the building. Change your environment. Breathe in some fresh air and smell the atmosphere... Trees, rain, flowers, traffic fumes - doesn't matter – stimulate your senses with new things. On your way out keep saying to yourself out loud (and to anyone else you see, in that daft way people say "Elvis has left the building.."): "(your name) is leaving the building.. " And when you are outside and free say: "(your name) has left the building.. " sunday slids from sandeep

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You can extend the exercise by going to a park and jogging a little. Or do a few star-jumps - something energetic to get your body moving and relaxing. or kick a kid's football. You can of course use other mantras or chants, depending on what you want to do and how far you want to get away from the stress causes, for example: "(your name) is doing star-jumps/looking for a small non-threatening dog.." or "(your name) is leaving/has left the industrial park/district/city/company/country.." etc, etc. Of course this is daft, but the daftness reduces the stress by removing you from the stress in mind and body. Doing something daft and physical – and reinforcing it with some daft chanting - opens up the world again. sunday slids from sandeep

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Stress reduction idea 3 - rehydrate Go get a big cup or a bottle of water. Here's why... Most of us fail to drink enough water - that's water - not tea, coffee, coke, 'sports' drinks, Red Bull or fruit juice...All of your organs, including your brain, are strongly dependent on water to function properly. It's how we are built.If you starve your body of water you will function below your best – and you will get stressed. Physically and mentally. sunday slids from sandeep

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Offices and workplaces commonly have a very dry atmosphere due to air conditioning, etc., which increases people's susceptibility to de-hydration.This is why you must keep your body properly hydrated by regularly drinking water (most people need 4-8 glasses of water a day). sunday slids from sandeep

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You will drink more water if you keep some on your desk at all times – it's human nature to drink it if it's there - so go get some now.When you drink water you need to pee. This gives you a bit of a break and a bit of exercise now and then, which also reduces stress.When you pee you can see if your body is properly hydrated (your pee will be clear or near clear - if it's yellow you are not taking enough water). sunday slids from sandeep

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If you want to be really exotic add a slice of lemon or lime. Kiwi and Sharon fruit are nice too... sunday slids from sandeep

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Stress reduction technique 4 - catnap or powernap (Not so easy but still perfectly possible) Take a quick nap. It is nature's way of recharging and re-energizing. A quick 10-30 minutes' sleep is very helpful to reduce stress. It's obviously essential if you are driving while tired, but a quick sleep is a powerful de-stressor too. Lunchtime snooze is very practical for home-workers – it just requires the realization that doing so is acceptable and beneficial (when we are conditioned unfortunately to think that sleeping during the day is lazy, rather than healthy). sunday slids from sandeep

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Stress reduction technique 5 – make a cup of tea Any tea will do, but a flavored cup of tea is even better. Experiment with different natural flavorings using herbs and spices and fruit. Fresh mint is wonderful, and excellent for the digestive system. Nettles are fantastic and contain natural relaxants. Orange zest is super Ginger root is brilliant. Many herbs, spices, fruits and edible plants make great flavored tea, and many herbs and spices have real therapeutic properties. sunday slids from sandeep

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Use a 'base' of green tea leaves - about half a spoonful per serving – plus the natural flavoring(s) of your choice, and freshly boiled water. Be bold - use lots of leaves - experiment until you find a blend that you really enjoy. Sugar or honey bring out the taste. Best without milk, but milk is fine if you prefer it. sunday slids from sandeep

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Making the tea and preparing the ingredients take your mind off your problems, and then smelling and drinking the tea also relaxes you. There is something wonderful about natural plants and fruits which you can't buy in a packet. Use a tea-pot or craftier, sunday slids from sandeep

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Fresh mint and ginger tea recipe: Put all this into a teapot or cafetiere and add boiling water for 2-3 cups. Allow to brew for a minute or two, stir and serve. (This is enough for 2-3 mug-sized servings): 1-1½ heaped teaspoons of green tea leaves 2-4 sprigs of fresh mint (a very generous handful of leaves with or without the stems - more than you might imagine)3-6 zest scrapes of an orange half a teaspoon of chopped ginger root2-4 teaspoons of sugar or 1-2 teaspoons of honey - more or less to taste Alter the amounts to your own taste. sunday slids from sandeep

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The recipe also works very well without the orange and ginger, which is effectively the mint tea drink that is hugely popular in Morocco and other parts of North Africa. Dried mint can be substituted for fresh mint. Experiment. The Moroccan tradition is to use small glass tumblers, and somehow seeing the fine color of the tea adds to the experience. sunday slids from sandeep

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Stress reduction technique 6 - crying Not much is known about the physiology of crying and tears, although many find that crying – weeping proper tears - has a powerful helpful effect on stress levels. Whatever the science behind crying, a good bout of sobbing and weeping does seem to release tension and stress for many people. sunday slids from sandeep

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Of course how and where you choose to submit to this most basic of emotional impulses is up to you. The middle of the boardroom during an important presentation to a top client is probably not a great idea, but there are more private situations and you should feel free to try it from time to time if the urge takes you. sunday slids from sandeep

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It is a shame that attitudes towards crying and tears prevent many people from crying, and it's a sad reflection on our unforgiving society that some people who might benefit from a good cry feel that they shouldn't do it ever - even in complete privacy. Unfortunately most of us - especially boys - are told as children that crying is bad or shameful or childish, which of course is utter nonsense. Arguably only the bravest cry . sunday slids from sandeep

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unashamedly - the rest of us would rather suffer than appear weak, which is daft, but nevertheless real. Whatever, shedding a few tears can be a very good thing now and then, and if you've yet to discover its benefits then give it a try. You might be surprised. sunday slids from sandeep

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