Budapesta, Muzeul de Istorie


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The current neo-Baroque castle dates back to the late 19th c. The castle completely burnt out during World War II. YOU CAN FIND THE LINK TO DOWNLOAD THIS PRESENTATION ON MY WEBSITE HERE (copy and paste this link): Thank you!


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BUDAPESTA Muzeul de Istorie

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Palatul Regal a fost construit în anul 1849 The Budapest History Museum was founded in 1887, but not until 1967 did it find a permanent home in the newly renovated Royal Palace (Buda Castle), where it displays permanent and temporary exhibitions. Palatul Regal, devenit cel mai mare centru cultural al Ungariei, adăposteşte acum Galeria Naţională, Muzeul de Istorie şi Biblioteca Naţională Szeczenzi

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Fotografii: Marta Sl ăvescu Prezentare: Sanda Foişoreanu Muzică: ♦ Karajan - Concerto a 5 L'amoroso RV 271 - III Allegro

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