What Is Account Based Marketing? Different from Inbound Marketing?

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Know about Account Based Marketing it's benefits and how it is different from Inbound Marketing - by Samskriti Business Solutions top lead generation company in India.


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What Is Account Based Marketing? How Is It Different from Inbound Marketing?:

What Is Account Based Marketing ? How Is It Different from Inbound Marketing ? Account Based Marketing is no longer a buzzword that it was thought to be a few years ago. Today, Account Based Marketing is a must-have strategy for the marketing and sales teams of the B2B companies to land high-value accounts and boost their revenue .

What is Account Based Marketing?:

What is Account Based Marketing? Account Based Marketing is the marketing strategy that focuses on targeting personalized marketing communication at an account level. In simpler terms,  Account Based Marketing  is a strategy that allows your marketers to reach top 10-20% of your target accounts whose business can make a difference to your bottom line. By reaching the decision-makers of these target organizations through personal marketing communication you save a lot of time & money while driving revenue for your business. To help you understand the ins and outs of Account Based Marketing, let us tell you how it differs from traditional inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing vs Account Based Marketing::

Inbound Marketing vs Account Based Marketing : Inbound Marketing is a traditional marketing that relies on valuable content through channels like search engines, social media, and blogs to attract customers. Inbound marketing focuses on converting the audience into visitors, then into leads and ultimately customers. The whole process is the sales cycle is slow and may not yield desired results as it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, which limits the  leads and conversions . Remember that we are only talking about the number of leads, it is no guarantee that lead is a high-quality one that we have been searching for all along.

How is Account Based Marketing different from Inbound Marketing?:

How is Account Based Marketing different from Inbound Marketing ? Account Based Marketing is a strategy where the sales funnel of Inbound Marketing flips on its head. Instead of relying on content to bring the business prospects, ABM focuses on specific high-value accounts and then reaches out to these accounts with personalized content marketing campaigns and events to land them. If inbound marketing is like casting a wide net to catch the fish regardless of size and type,  Account Based Marketing  is throwing a sharp spear at chosen fish of your choice.

Benefits of Account Based Marketing over Inbound Marketing::

Benefits of Account Based Marketing over Inbound Marketing : ABM simply shortens the sales cycle by stopping you from wasting your resource sand time on low-quality business prospects, amplifying your ROI in the process. As the marketing communications in ABM are precisely personalized to the decision-makers, it is easy to laser-target your efforts and also measure them accurately for the feedback. The best thing about ABM is at the sales and marketing teams work in unison complimenting effectively. The marketing team’s laser-focus on specific target accounts delivers the best leads possible for the sales team to land the accounts. And when land the account it is very easy to retain your clients as a personalized approach helps a lot in building a strong relationship with them. Account Based Marketing  is one of the most efficient ways to drive your business and amplify their ROI. It is estimated that more than 60% of the companies around the world are planning to launch ABM campaigns this year. Are you one of them? Then  Samskriti Business Solutions  is the  Best Online Marketing Company in Hyderabad  with a track record of delivering excellent results in Account Based Marketing Campaigns.

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