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Semiconductors in software by Akshath Sivaprasad

What are semiconductors? : 

What are semiconductors? In general, semiconductors are defined as a solid that has electric conductivity between that of a conductor and insulator, hence the name semiconductor. The devices produced from semiconductors are the basis and foundation of today’s technology. As such, semiconductors are very important to us.

What are semi conductors made of? : 

What are semi conductors made of? There are both liquid and solid semiconductors, though liquid semiconductors are rarer. Usually, semiconductors are mixtures of substances, where a pure semiconductor, made with a single element is mixed with other substances such as germanium in a process called doping. Usually, semiconductors are made of silicon, germanium and dozens of other materials.

What are some examples of semiconductors? : 

What are some examples of semiconductors? We use semiconductors in everything electrical, from computers to radios. The simplest semiconductor device is the diode, the first electronic semiconductor device. A semiconductor diode’s most common function is to let electricity run through it, but only in one way. Diodes are used to regulate voltage (like a valve), tune TV receivers, produce light etc. Transistors are another device. Transistors contain two electrical terminals and a semiconductor crystal in the middle. When electricity is applied to the crystal, a pathway opens, letting the electricity flow through the transistor.

Applications in Software : 

Applications in Software The building block of modern digital computers is made up of millions of Boolean Gates (transistors). Transistors can also be used as amplifiers, the electricity that passes through it is tenfold the electricity you apply to the crystal. In this way, transistors can be used as amplifiers within traffic signals, for example.

Summary : 

Summary solid that has electric conductivity weaker than conductor, stronger than insulator usually made of silicon, germanium as main prime examples of semiconductors=transistors, diodes a transistor consists of a semiconductor between two electric terminals transistors and other semiconductor devices are the basis and foundation of today’s software