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Brand Identity :

Brand Identity

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It is very important that create a good brand identity between my teaser trailer, my trailer poster and my magazine front cover. This is so when my customers see a certain aspect of my brand, they all will automatically link it with my trailer which is good branding for my trailer which is good for me and my film. In my work I have tried to keep nearly all aspects the same so everything links up together which is hopefully create good brand identity.

A Few Examples…:

A Few Examples… A few examples of me trying to create some good brand identity is how in all three pieces of work, the trailer, the poster and the magazine cover, I have used my little sister, the scary girl. I have done this so people can clearly link her with my film. In my trailer, poster and magazine cover she is wearing the same clothes which is making everything tie in together. Also My movie poster is shot of my sister in the woods and my whole trailer is set in the woods which is showing again a clear link between the two things. This will hopefully make people associate woodland areas with my trailer.

A Few More Examples…:

A Few More Examples… In all three pieces of work I have tried to make them all mysterious so they link together and associate with each other. At the end of my trailer I have used a scratched out effect font and I have also used the same font on my film poster. This links the two together and creates again some more good brand identity. On my poster and on my magazine front cover I have got my little sister, the scary girl, to pull the same non expression face in both photos so it looks like the little girl is always like this. This links the little girl to all my pieces of work as she is pulling the same non expression face which is good brand identity.