Truck Accident Lawyers in Arlington Heights

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SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC Truck Accident Lawyers in Arlington Heights

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Injuries (and property damage) from truck crashes are often severe due to the size and weight of the truck. If the accident occurs while a truck is travelling too fast, injuries and property damage are often worse.   Suppose the negligence of someone else caused the truck accident in which you suffered catastrophic injuries. In that case, you deserve maximum compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.   At SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, our Truck Accident Lawyer in Arlington Heights aggressively pursues personal injury claims on behalf of our clients. Contact us today to schedule a free first meeting to discuss your situation and how we can help you.   Aggressive. Honest. Effective. Truck accident lawyer. Attorney Susan Marks will conduct a thorough investigation into your accident and hire accident reconstruction specialists and other experts to ensure that all parties responsible for the accident are held accountable. Many factors, including all types of truck driver errors, can contribute to a truck accident and lead to many serious injuries, such as:

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Closed head injury Spinal cord injury and paralysis Crush injuries Burns, fractures and amputations Unjust death   While truck crashes often happen to cars, these crashes also happen to motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. The injuries that result from these types of accidents can be among the most traumatic due to the victim's lack of protection.   Truck accidents due to mistakes made by the truck driver To obtain the required commercial driver's license for their job, truck drivers must adhere to strict federal laws governing trucking and obey traffic rules. As a result, truckers are of a higher standard than normal motorists, and for a good reason. Due to the size and weight of semi-trailers and other large utility vehicles, accidents involving such vehicles can cause serious injury or death to other drivers.

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Despite strict laws and regulations to prevent truck crashes, these devastating crashes are still prevalent. One of the reasons for the many truck accidents is the negligence of the truck drivers. Examples of negligence and errors on the part of the truck driver are:   Tired of driving a car Failure to properly secure the truckload Failure to thoroughly inspect the equipment, including brakes, tires and lights Violation of weight restrictions for the road or vehicle. Speeding, even over the specified limit or too fast for current conditions Do not respect the safety distance between vehicles. Dangerous or aggressive driving   If you or someone you care about has been injured due to a truck driver's mistake or negligence, contact Arlington Heights Truck Accident Lawyers at SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC. To arrange a free initial consultation, please get in touch with our office. We are committed to requesting the full compensation to which you are entitled.  

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Use our experience for yourself. Unfortunately, many trucks crash result in serious injury or death. Therefore, these cases must be treated with a high level of skill and care. Lawyer Susan A. Marks is a seasoned and dedicated lawyer who works hard to protect her clients' rights.   Ms Marks has represented clients who have suffered various injuries, including back and neck injuries, brain injuries, fractures, amputations, disfigurements, spinal cord injuries and other serious injuries. He has also been successful in seeking redress on behalf of family members in unlawful homicide proceedings. Susan A. Marks firmly believes that everyone has the right to a caring and qualified lawyer. She strives vigorously to get her clients paid in full and works diligently to provide the personalized service and empathetic support that her clients require. As a client of SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, you have a caring, knowledgeable and aggressive lawyer on your side.  

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Hire a lawyer specializing in sensitive and hard-working personal injury   Suppose you are seriously injured in a truck-to-truck collision while driving in the Chicago area or any other major street. All over our state, you need a law firm that deals with couples with strong representation. Contact our Arlington Heights Truck Accident Lawyer at SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC to arrange a free initial consultation at 847-255-9925 or toll-free at 877-286-8180.

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LOCATION SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC 3601 Algonquin Road Suite 610 Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008 Phone: 847-255-9925 Toll Free: 877-286-8180 Fax: 224-735-3357

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