Does social media play a significant role in the divorce proceedings

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Does social media play a significant role in the divorce proceedings Aren’t you tempted to post your pictures to let your friends know about your exotic vacation or probably you have a thing to share about the sea-food restaurant opened recently in your city Well most of us do. Social media is governing our lives since last few decades. We want to share everything we do on a day-to-day basis on our social media page. Ever wondered it has negative implications especially when you are going through a tedious and nerve-wracking divorce process

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Do you know whatever you post on social media serves as ample evidence in a divorce case that can be used against you A divorce lawyer of the other party can simply browse through your social media page and can collect enough information about you that can probably be detrimental to your case. Let’s have a look at how social media can land you in trouble during a divorce: Finances Usually people don’t post about their finances directly on social media. In case if you happen to brag about your finances by posting pictures of your vacation to an exotic holiday destination or revealing about your secondary source of income it can be used against you by the family law attorney of another party. You may be required to give high alimony to your spouse depending upon your yearly income.

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Emails and social media posts Your emails and posts on social media can reveal information to the court which you didn’t want to disclose. You pretended to be a job-seeker but your social media account revealed you already have one. The conflicting situations depict you were dishonest with your financial status and the court may deny your request for alimony or child support. Child Custody If the court finds out that the mother seeking child custody is drunk and hanging out at late-night parties through pictures on social media he may conclude she is unfit for child custody. At SAM LAW OFFICE LLC experienced family law practitioners are committed to making a positive difference in the life of their clients by guiding them through the divorce proceedings and child custody in a smooth manner.

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