Top 5 Wedding Photography Tips In 2016

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Wedding photography is considered by expert photographers as one of the most difficult type of photography. It’s always a good idea to get some tips before venturing out on any project. Here are a few tips for wedding photography.


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Top 5 Wedding Photography Tips In 2016


There are many preparations which are to be done before the wedding day. Hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most important things.   While different sorts of photography can be more hard, in wedding photography the photographer gets only a single chance to get the shot right on many instances. The level of quality photographs has increased greatly, so you need to be extra careful while capturing photographs at a wedding function.   Let’s take a look at a few valuable tips by Sam Crawford that can help the wedding photographer:

Tip #1 – Establish Proper Communication:

Tip #1 – Establish Proper Communication A noteworthy part of wedding photography is to speak with the couple who are getting married and completely value their necessities. By talking about the prerequisites early it is easier to discover what the couple anticipates from the photographs, furthermore gives the photographer a chance to give direction on what they can offer.

Tip #2 – Visit The Location Where Wedding Will Take Place:

Tip #2 – Visit The Location Where Wedding Will Take Place To make a better preparation for the big day it’s an excellent idea for the photographer to visit the location where the wedding ceremony and function is scheduled to take place. It can prove to be highly advantageous to visit the location at a similar time in the day when the wedding is scheduled to take place as it will give you the right info and an idea about the lighting .


Taking a few test shots can likewise help you to get a better idea of the photo quality and to locate the best places to take the shots. In the event that there are any more issues, they can be resolved before the big day. There might be some rules related to photography at the venue of the wedding. By visiting the venue in advance, you’ll be able to identify and resolve those issues.

Tip #3 – Create A List Of Pictures To Be Taken:

Tip #3 – Create A List Of Pictures To Be Taken A good list should be made to ensure the wedding photography goes as easily as possible. The list of pictures to be clicked is an extraordinary reference to the ceremony or gathering to avoid forgetting any important shots amid an exceptionally stressful day. This list can be shown to the couple to guarantee that it completely coordinates their particular needs.

Tip #4 – Take Extra Camera & Equipment:

Tip #4 – Take Extra Camera & Equipment It’s a common thing among professional photographers to carry an extra camera and important equipment to make sure that if one of the tool malfunctions then there’s a backup available for it.

Tip #5 – Bring An Assistant With You:

If you haven’t done this before, then you would be surprised to see how easy your work become, if you bring an assistant while going on your next wedding photography project. An assistant will handle all the small works, which will make you free to do the main job – capturing photographs.   How were the above tips about wedding photography in 2016? If you want more tips on wedding photography and other forms of photography genre, then contact Sam Crawford today! Tip #5 – Bring An Assistant With You


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