Use These Tips To Click Better Photos

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Professional photography isn’t as easy as it looks! There’s a lot to learn to become a master. These photography tips from professional photographer Sam Crawford will sharpen your photography skills and help you shoot like a pro.


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Use These Tips to Take Better Photos


If you want to take great photos you need to keep an eye out for tips and ideas about digital images. Sure, there are some people who can take a great photo without much effort in the way of learning, but most of us need a hand when it comes to making our photos more striking . Let’s consider some of the key Digital Photography Tips:

Buy the right digital camera :

Buy the right digital camera This may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people make the mistake of getting the wrong digital camera. There are some standard criteria to take into consideration that can make the choice a lot easier. For example, are you a ‘point and shoot’ individual? Do you need a camera that will take fantastic photographs without needing to adjust anything much? Getting a digital camera that requires little or no adjustment is vital if you want to press the button and capture a great picture.


Also consider what size prints you will normally want. If you generally make 4x6 prints then anything more than 4 megapixel will do your photos justice. Next, look at the velocity of the camera. Do you take photographs at sports events? If so you'll need a camera that boots quickly and it has an exceptionally low shutter lag.

Compose the Photograph :

We often come across photo where the top of someone's head missing in it. It’s not as simple as just centring an individual's face in the image. Make an effort to compose your photograph, recognising that non-centralised photographs have much more depth. Compose the Photograph


If the ‘subject’ is small and you want to select them in the scene, zoom in. And of course you can experiment with different camera angles. Take a photo from over or below the subject to add a fascinating twist. Use your skills to get the best angle you can. Sam Crawford can help you to understand the basics of photography.

To stabilise the camera use both hands :

To stabilise the camera use both hands Stabilising the camera is extremely important! Don’t let it move when you’re clicking pictures. You may have seen many people using one hand or waving their camera while taking images. Breaking news: those photos will most likely be out of focus and poor quality. Not stabilising your camera is far greater mistake than poor quality indoor lighting. You really do need to use both the hands and hold the camera strongly.

Don't click photos with light behind the subject:

Most of us have made this mistake at one time or another. If your subject is standing in front of a window and you're taking shots, you’re likely to get a dark outline. The light source needs to be behind the camera which means behind you, not behind the subject. You may find using the flash function of the camera lessens the effect of darkness in the room. Don't click photos with light behind the subject


If you’re looking for more photography tips then visit Sam Crawford Photography website. Sam Crawford is a renowned professional photographer in Sydney, Australia. Sam Crawford offers his unique Photography and Videography skills for visual recording services at corporate events, weddings, portraits, children, pregnancy, architecture, landscape, pet and nature events across Australia.


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