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Presentation Description At Samco you can open Commodity Trading Account in Indian Commodity Market with Rs: Flat 20 Brokerage. Commodity trading in India is done on the MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India). With trading allowed only in Commodity Futures.


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Commodity Trading in India Online Commodity Trading with India’s Best Discount Broker - SAMCO

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History of Commodity Trading in India • In India Commodity trading is relatively new vis-à-vis stock trading. However investing in commodities provides a lucrative avenue to earn good returns over periods of time or even hedge yourself against shocks especially in assets such as gold. • Commodity trading in India is done on the MCX Multi Commodity Exchange of India. With trading allowed only in Commodity Futures SAMCO clients can trade Commodities like Gold Crude Oil. • Different Commodities have different cycles many commodities are independent of Equity market sentiments. Unlike equity markets commodity markets are not prone to manipulation

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Who are the Participants in Commodity Trading • There are two major types of participants who participate in Commodity Trading in India: – Hedgers: These are users of the commodity in question are trying to lock in a profit at a specified price. Let us explain with an example: Say a factory purchases 1000 Tons of Aluminium for its own use. The managers are afraid of a sharp fall as it would affect the value of their inventory hence they short sell aluminium futures on MCX. In case aluminium prices fall the short sale would turn protect the value and in case aluminium prices rise the short position would be unprofitable but the value of the aluminium would increase. – Speculators: These are people who take positions opposite the Hedgers unlike hedgers their aim is to make money from market movements. They buy or sell commodity futures without owning the underlying asset aim to magnify gains using leverage or margins. For example you feel that Gold will rise in the near future you can buy physical gold store it but you would have to pay 100 to the shopkeeper incur a storage charge. Whereas on MCX you could take a Gold future contract by paying only 5 to 7 of the contract value of Gold. This way you amplify your gains

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What Commodities Can I trade in India • You can trade a wide variety of Commodities in India including Agricultural Commodities Metals Energy products. Metals include precious metals like Gold Silver Energy Products include Crude Oil Natural Gas while agricultural commodities include Cardamom Cotton Kapas etc. • How are Commodities settled • Most trades are cash settled. As such there are options to get delivery of the commodities but most traders prefer to settle in cash.

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Top traded commodities in India Crude Oil Gold CARDAMOM Silver Copper Cotton MENTHAOIL Zinc

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Why trade commodities online with SAMCO • SAMCO is a member of MCX with SAMCO all our clients can trade on the MCX with the lowest margins in India. By trading with a Discount Broker like SAMCO you can save l akh’ s of Rupees in Brokerage • How – With SAMCO you STOP paying Brokerage on your volume/order size You pay brokerage per ORDER So whether you buy 1 Lot of Gold or 15 Lots of Crude your Brokerage would be Rs.20 per order

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How to Calculate your Commodity Brokerage • Calculate your brokerage savings at SAMCO Commodities Brokerage Calculator • Trade with the industry’s lowest Margins at SAMCO. View the margin requirements at SAMCO Commodity SPAN Calculator and plan your trades • Measure your progress returns against India’s Best Commodity Traders with the Indian Trading League powered by SAMCO.

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Contact Samco Securities • SAMCO Securities Limited 1004 - A 10th Floor Naman Midtown - A Wing Senapati Bapat Marg Elphinstone Road Mumbai - 400 013 Maharashtra India. 02261699000 / 02222227777

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