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Action Research Presentation:

Action Research Presentation Samantha Hager


English Language Learners tend to fall behind other students in school because they have not gained academic literacy. In order for them to gain academic literacy, they must first be motivated and engaged to learn. To get ELL students motivated, some technology has been proven to increase student motivation as well as improve attitudes about the content. Research Question: Can technology improve English Language Learners’ attitudes and achievement in school? Introduction

Types of Technology Researched:

Laptops – has been proven to engage students and they have more positive attitudes. Computer-Assisted Instruction – improves sight word recognition, but was improved due to it being conducted on a one-to-one basis. Digital Storybooks – has been proven to increase vocabulary knowledge. Web Quests – not enough research has been conducted but is considered authentic instruction, which is known to increase motivation and achievement Interactive White Boards – needs further research to see if different uses can be linked to enhanced learning Student Response System – needs further research to see if it increases academic literacy Types of Technology Researched


Types of technology used in my lessons: interactive white boards, web quests, and response clickers Positive All three have increased - student participation - positive attitudes - critical thinking situations - multiple methods of assessment Negative Web Quest – some group members do not pull their weight in the project; time consuming; computer lab openings Students Response Clickers – some students may just click answers, if one student does not participate, the teacher does not know who did not participate if in group mode. Interactive White Board – only one person can touch the screen at a time; may cause other students to become anxious and play. Lessons/Analysis


only qualitative data from one classroom my beliefs and what I saw in the classroom could be interpreted differently by others no quantitative data included I only analyzed the three types of technology that I had experience with Limitations


Through this study, I have found that technology can be implemented in many different ways in the classroom. It can be very beneficial for ELL students to become more motivated with better attitudes from what I saw in my classroom. Academic success seemed to be improved, but further research is needed to prove whether this is true or not. Conclusion

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