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Hi, here's a presentation on the latest thermal imagers introduced by Fluke. Check it out!


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Thermal Imagers:

Thermal Imagers Introducing five new thermal imagers from Fluke… our easiest-to-use thermal imagers ever.

Why use Thermal Imagers?:

Why use Thermal Imagers ? Easily and safely capture images showing surface temperatures of electrical components and other objects Thermal imagers are non-contact, so production remains up and running and you stay safe Scan large areas quickly to identify temperatures that could indicate problem areas

Ti 125 - Industrial Use:

Ti 125 - Industrial Use F eatures include: Exclusive IR- OptiFlex ™ Focus System IR-Fusion® technology Video streaming Multi-mode focus-free video recording Find problems faster and with greater ease

Ti 110 Industrial – Commercial Thermal Imager:

Ti 110 Industrial – Commercial Thermal Imager Identify and keep track of inspection locations with IR- PhotoNotes ™ annotation system Capture relevant observations with voice annotation capability Ensures optimum image clarity Perform thermal inspections faster

Ti 100 - General Purpose:

Ti 100 - General Purpose Rugged, lightweight and focus free Laser pointer to highlight the location of problems Perfect for the value conscious professional

TiR 110 & TiR 125 - Building Diagnostics:

TiR 110 & TiR 125 - Building Diagnostics Helps building inspection and energy audit professionals evaluate and report insulation problems, air leakage, moisture issues, or construction defects Easily communicate the location of problems with the Electronic Compass (8-Point Cardinal ) Spend less time in the field and more time growing your business

Fluke Thermal Imagers:

Fluke Thermal Imagers IR Optiflex™ Focus System for fast, easy to take, sharply focused, accurate images IR-Fusion® Technology blends digital and infrared images into a single image to precisely document problem areas Built rugged to survive drops up to 6.5 feet Multi-mode video recording to monitor processes over time and troubleshoot frame-by-frame IR PhotoNotes™ annotation system to keep an exact record of equipment models and nameplates Electronic Compass saves precise location with each image

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