Model B+ - Best Raspberry Pi Model


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In this PDF I have listed all the models with features. Model b+ is the best among all the models because it has ethernet with audio video jack.


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Get Started with Raspberry Pi- Single Board Computer

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Raspberry pi is a very small computer which is very useful in DIY projects. For 35 You can get model A or B with HDMI and composite Video output. A big news is that raspberry pi zero is released for just 5. You can add up more USB devices. You can make your own VPN server with the raspberry pi.

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Block diagram of Raspberry Pi Model

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Raspberry pi Models bestoninternet

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Raspberry pi Model A • Single USB port • 26 Pin GPIO header • No Ethernet • 3.5mm audio jack • 256MB SDRAM bestoninternet

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Raspberry pi Model B • 2 USB ports • 512 MB SDRAM • One Ethernet port • 256MB SDRAM • 3.5mm audio jack bestoninternet

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Raspberry pi Model A+ • Single USB port • 40 Pin GPIO header • No Ethernet • 256MB SDRAM • Smaller form factor bestoninternet

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Raspberry pi Model B+ • 4 USB ports • 40 Pin GPIO header • 3.5mm audio/video jack • Ethernet bestoninternet

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