Sally Shukry - Vice President at United2Heal

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Sally Shukry has remained a part of a number of companies and organizations. She worked as a senior embryologist at Long Island in Vitro Fertilization Center back in 2013. Find out more about her at her official site


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1 Sally Shukry Co - F o u n d e r a n d V i c e P r e s i d e n t U n i t e d 2 H e a l

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3 David Sklaver Sally Shukry is a medical professional and possesses great love for her community and humanity which she wants to pay back through her exceptional volunteer work.

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4 David Sklaver Since 2009 Sally Shukry is serving as the Co-Founder and Vice President at United2Heal. Her contribution to this initiative shows that she believes in working with humanitarian aid organizations.

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5 David Sklaver Sally Shukry volunteers a lot and the major objective is to provide complete healthcare to the people without any hindrance.

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6 David Sklaver For almost a year Sally Shukry worked as a senior embryologist at Long Island in Vitro Fertilization Center. While working there she managed oocyte denuding and ICSI insemination and carried out pre- implantation Embryo Biopsy.

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7 David Sklaver Sally Shukry is also accredited for carrying out Quality Control procedures to guarantee proper and effective functioning of lab equipment.

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8 David Sklaver Sally Shukry has association with a number of medical groups that involve Gold Humanism Honor Society Member of GHHS American College of Surgeons Student National Medical Association Student Osteopathic Medical Association Association of Women Surgeons American Osteopathic Association American Academy of Pain Management Rehabilitation AMWA.

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9 David Sklaver Sally Shukry has grip on a number of languages which enhances her professional skills too.

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