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Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods used to syndicate content and increase your business' visibility. Saletify is a digital marketing company in Pune that centres around ROI & result driven social media marketing. Having clients across all corners with a strong existence in social media marketing for Real Estate, FMCG, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Education, Manufacturers and many more. Saletify offers business & service-specific social media solutions across all verticals to meet all your digital marketing & online branding needs. To know more, visit us at:


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01 With the evolution of SEO during the past few years, it has been a cat and mouse play between the various states of SEO and the ever changing scenario in algorithms, by Google. Playing an important part in this game is the social media, which has come of late into the limelight as being one of the indispensable factors when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. With both SEO and Social Media Marketing being inbound strategies and organic, the combination of both can be helpful in building a website that has the natural appeal to attract visitors . It has been a general practice to consider social media as an integral part of SEO strategy. The fact has been supported by reports from surveys carried out on agencies and companies engaged in SEO practices. It is the social signals such as likes on Facebook and following on Twitter , that helps visitors to get an idea on the profile and trustworthiness of a company. SEO marketers are giving more importance on social media to help websites gather momentum in reaching high ranks in the search engine pages . Websit e :


The ways through which the social media can help with SEO strategy include: Encouraging Inbound Links that are External Social Sharing   Posts that are Locally Optimized   01 02 03 04 Increase in Brand Awareness 05 Increase in Numbers of Followers   Websit e :


01 It is through social media that your website content has more chances to be linked by inbound links, that come from external sites. The more inbound links you have, the more authority you are able to build to showcase your online prominence. 01 Encouraging Inbound Links that are External Websit e :


01 There can be nothing like having, say a million followers on Twitter or likes in Facebook to stamp your authority to have a significant influence on the search engine page rankings. Increase in Numbers of Followers   Websit e : 02


01 Sharing on the social media, your posts, such as in Facebook or Twitter, can help your brand identity to gain more significance. Validation of your brand from outside sources can help in improving your status in your domain. Social Sharing   Websit e : 03


01  Social Media provides you a strong platform for engaging in social community, by sending signals that are validated by the local authority, to help search engines index your web pages. Posting updates whenever you get involved in community activities, can help attract the search engines. Posts that are Locally Optimized Websit e : 04


01 Social Media is an indispensable platform to highlight your brand identity through syndication of high quality content by search engines. In this way, you are able to increase your company reputation in social media. Increase in Brand Awareness Websit e : 05


01 It cannot be denied that content is the king, as high quality content can draw visitors like honey can draw swarms of bees, and when the content is shared in the social media, there can be nothing better for your website to be optimized. You will find SEO services prioritizing their strategy with social media as the main weapon, where, the usefulness of the strong platform build by social media cannot be denied. As and when you share your ads with others through the social networking platforms, you stand more chance to be followed by increasing numbers of followers. Embedding your content with RSS feeds and You Tube for example, can help you to develop a SMO strategy that could well be result oriented.  Social Media Marketing  can be an indispensable tool for increasing the online visibility of your brand, and in the process help your website reach higher ranking . Social media marketing is the composite of all the marketing activities you conduct over carefully identified social media channels, with the aim to promote positive engagement with a valuable target audience. As a Social Media Marketing Agency with varied experience, Saletify understands that each of our clients has a unique requirement. Therefore we specialize in developing custom-built social media marketing solutions that deliver the intended results. Contact us and grow your social presence with Saletify as your marketing partner. Websit e :


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