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Visit us at - https://bitcoinmaximalist.net/eli5-bitcoin-explain-bitcoin-like-im-five/ Bitcoin is pretty technical, and understanding it isn't easy, but ELI5 Bitcoin is stripped down and explained in such a way that a five year old can understand Bitcoin. If you're interested in Bitcoin but are put off by all the technical jargon, have a listen. It's Bitcoin for beginners simplified.


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But how do you know that digital dollar is one of a kind E L I 5 B i t c o i n - E x p l a i n B i t c o i n L i k e I m F i v e w w w . b i t c o i n m a x i m a l i s t . n e t / e l i 5 - b i t c o i n - e x p l a i n - b i t c o i n - l i k e - i m - f i v e Bitcoin is pretty technical and understanding it isn’t easy. Understanding how the Internet works isn’t easy either but we can all surf from page to page without many problems.Bitcoin is no different you don’t really need to know all the intricacies to work it but if you’re interested in a basic understanding allow me to ELI5 Bitcoin for you. The physical one as long as it looks like a dollar it will pass for a dollar but how do you know the digital dollar isn’t copiedI could have paid all my dollar debts with the same digital dollar for all you know and yours would be worthless. Bitcoin is an Open Ledger And it’s really quite a simple concept. It’s called an open ledger – a bit like a bank book. All the digital dollars in this case Bitcoin that are sent are recorded on this open ledger.

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