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The salary negotiation advisor Timothy M Dayanot will help you improve the negotiation skills very well. If you are struggling with the pay raise then the file shared here will definitely help you get the solution. Visit:


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HOW WE HELP If you are a job applicant that will likely have the opportunity to negotiate an initial salary offer I can help you negotiate your salary on 1- on-1 basis.  For a reasonable flat fee 399 I will guide you through a proven 5-Step process that includes practice sessions to help during your actual negotiation. SALARY NEGOTIATION HELP

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Negotiating is a valuable skill which helps you best while you seek new job opportunities. The salary adviser will guide you with the 5 important steps which will make you understand how to negotiate salary offer.

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h t t p s : / / w w w .s a l a r y n e g o t ia t io n h e lp .c o m / THE 5 STEPS Information Gathering Analysis of Your Bargaining Strength Negotiation Strategy Development Negotiation  Practice Sessions Help during Negotiation CONTACT US 510 621-8412

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