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I know Engagement ring is forever, it symbolizes the everlasting love between two people, and you should always cherish the ring. But if someone’s ring got damaged or its diamond loses shine or simply, they want a fresh touch to their engagement ring, then there is nothing wrong with upgrading your Engagement Ring.


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A Posts Login / Sign up Rosecjewelsst e Boost Your Engagement Ring Aug 21 3 min read I know Engagement ring is f ever it symbolizes e everlasting love betw n two people and you should always cherish e ring. But if someone’s ring got damaged its diamond loses shine simply ey want a fresh touch to eir engagement ring en ere is no ing ong wi upgrading your Engagement Ring. Now it’s just e my at you should wear e same engagement ring rough out your life Women now-a-days do like to modify eir engagement ring. And ere is no ing ong wi it everyone wants to fo ow new trends add m e glamour to eir style an why you have to wear e same ring over e years right G t N B d Rosec Jewels Home Blog Shop 0 Lets Chat This site was designed with the .com website builder. Create your website today . Start Now

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Get a New Band If you love your center stone an you can change your band f some distinctive look. You can upgrade your Gold Band to Platinum Band as it is m e durable and wi enhance e sparkle. Or you can add side diamond stone setting like pave micro pave which wi gl ify e shimmer and elegance of e ring. A new band wi ing m e shimmery and modern aspect of e ring. Upgrade the Center Stone You can upgrade your center stone wi a big diamond f a change you can pick a gemstone also. As you shop pay attention at your new center diamond should compliment e ring band it should not look old wi e ring band. And do consider e 4 C’s of diamond f smart purchasing. Change the Setting Modifying e setting is also a great option. If you have a prong setting ring an you can go f a channel setting f a simple shank it wi completely transf m e ring. Or you are getting a bigger center stone an might be your old setting wi not be accommodate so you might n d a new one Add More Bling You can add m e sparkle to e ring. Like add tiny petite diamond stones around e center stone in halo setting if you like you can add side stones on each side of e center stone. This wi enhance e glimmer of e ring and you can transf m your ring into e new sparkling piece. Or you can make your solitaire a Thr Stone Ring by adding two g geous diamond around e center stone. Diamond Bands

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If you don’t want to upgrade your engagement ring as your soulmate has giftedand  sti you want some blooming touch an you can magnify e sparkle and beauty of your ring by adding diamond bands. Sma diamonds prong setting band channel setting bands wi different metal a gemstone band. You have various o er option to go f . This wi give you an enchanting look wi out touching your engagement ring. Shape of Diamond You might don’t know is but yes you can alert e shape of e diamond. A diamond can be cut into princess cut cushion cut pear many m e. By is wi out changing e actual diamond which your husband gave you you can have a whole new center diamond. It’ wi be distinctive from e old one yet e same These are some terri c ways rough which you can boost your old engagement ring wi out changing e actual engagement ring. It’s good to be in trends and upgrading has its own beauty. I hope a your my and doubt about upgrading engagement ring wi clear after reading is. You can visit us on Rosec Jewels and also can fo ow us on Facebook Instagram Pinterest and Twitter.   6 views Recent Posts S A

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