Know, How to Carve and Design the Marble Idols of Hindu Gods?


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Marble idol crafting is an art that requires years of dedication to properly carve the Hindu God idols. After all, not everyone can make a beautiful marble sculpture; It takes hours of practice to complete it. These craftsmen deserve some praise for their work. Let us understand how they accomplish their task.


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Know How to Carve and Design the Marble Idols of Hindu Gods Marble statues are pretty famous in Hinduism. Not only would one find marble idols in temples but devotees often prefer to have small or big god idols for pooja rooms in their houses. And it is not surprising as many of these idols not only show one’s devotion but also offer blessing and a positive ambiance in the household as well as commercial space. Marble idol crafting is an art that requires one to dedicate years to perfect sculpturing Hindu God idols. After all not everyone can craft a beautiful marble idol it takes hours and hours of practice to perfect it. These crafters do deserve some appreciation for the work they do. Let’s understand how they accomplish their task. Steps to Carve and Design the Marble Idols Read and get useful information if you want to know the entire process. Here are steps followed by experienced statue makers in India:  Choose the right marble The first step in crafting marble Hindu god statues is determining the correct marble for the procedure. Yes different types of marble are used in statue making.  Creating a 3D design of the idol using CAD Modern technology has penetrated every craft. Nowadays many manufacturers of marble god statues take advantage of the technologies available. CAD is one such software that

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helps help marble statue makers design their statue model before any physical work needs to be done. This ensures that the craftsman has a clear idea of what is required from them.  Start the Roughing The actual work on the marble god idols starts with the roughing out of the stone. This is done to take the bulk weight off the marble using a chisel. Once the roughing process is complete the artisans can start with the detailing.  Smoothening and finishing the surface Look at any Indian marble statues and you will find that they have a smooth slippery-like surface from top to bottom. Once the base design is carved out making the marble surface finer is the next step. This is done by using different tools raps claw chisel etc. that are specifically designed to cut marble to an oblique angle. It is undoubtedly the longest and most challenging part of marble idol making. Even a tiny mistake could ruin the idol forcing the statue marker to start over again. Once the smoothening is complete the final finishing touch is done on the statues such as the Ganesha statue Maa Durga statue Sai baba marble statues etc. This includes stone finishing using sandpaper.  Paint The last step is decorating and painting the statue. Naturally marble statue manufacturers opt for marble-friendly paints to ensure the color does not fade away from the idol for a long time.

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Conclusion As mentioned earlier marble statue crafting is a complicated task that dedicated and experienced craftsmen can only handle. Only through seasoned hands can one indeed gaze on beautifully crafted Ganesha statues. If you want to get your hands on the finest marble statues Sai Shradha Moorti Art is the place for you to be. Sai Shradha Moorti Art is the leading marble statue manufacturer in India and the only place for one to buy makrana marble statues in Jaipur. At Sai Shradha Moorti Art you will find a wide range of Hindu god marble statues and that too at affordable prices. You are also guaranteed timely delivery on your orders. Source: hindu-gods/