Why Makrana Marble Should Be Preferred For Making Idols Of God


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Most marble idol makers use Makrana Marble to make the marble idol of God as Makrana marble is considered to be the best quality marble. Makrana marble idol looks amazing as it is very durable too; It can be used to keep it longer without the fear of breakage.


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Why Makrana Marble Should Be Preferred For Making Idols Of God Makrana is one of the best marbles to use in the making of god statutes. It was found way earlier in history in Rajasthan state. This marble is very smooth and it is made of calcium carbonate the best thing is it has only about 2 of the impurities. This is the stone from which hindu marble god statues are made. Many Indian marble statues are also made up of makrana marble. This marble has fewer impurities which makes the statue looks real and shiny. Colors like red white and black are used to make murtis of god. This stone is very soft which helps the makers to make the murtis look more beautiful. It can also help them to decorate these murtis. Marble moorti from Jaipur is famous all over the world. It can vary according to size and color. In Jaipur many makers make murtis of gods. In making god’s murti makrana white marble statues are used which look more beautiful and decorative. White marble is a good quality marble that is easy to decorate. The cost of the murtis will also depend upon the marbles.

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Manufacturers of hindu God statues are mostly from Rajasthan state. Makers from Rajasthan are very efficient in their work and make murti delightful and beautiful. Makrana marble idols are supplied all over the world. Taj Mahal the sign of love made by a Muslim emperor is made from makrana marble. That is why it looks shinier and more beautiful. In making god statues one can choose light colors of marble making it easier to make and carve decorative things. Marble statue makers from Jaipur specialize in making the best marble statues. They offer you a wide range of marble statues like Ganesh marble moorti sai baba statues Radha Krishna idols shiv Ji idol Hanuman Ji moorti and Durga Mata murti. All these god statues are made from makrana marble which is considered to be the oldest stone. In the past this is the only marble with fewer impurities which easily helps the makers make murtis and statues of gods. Benefits of choosing makrana marble for god statues: 1. Shinier look This marble gives a shinier look to the murtis which looks very attractive. That is why marble statue makers from Jaipur choose this marble for making of god statute. 2. Purest form This marble is considered the purest marble with fewer impurities. Makers use this marble which has no impurities. 3. 98 calcium carbonate

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This makrana marble is made of calcium carbonate making it the best quality marble. It is one of the reasons that makers use this marble. Conclusion: To conclude I would like to write that makrana marble is considered the best quality marble to make the murtis of god. Marble statue makers would choose this marble to make murtis. Murtis from this marble are also available at an affordable price depending on the size and quality of the murti. Makrana stone is also very durable it can be used to keep it for a long period without fear of breaking it. Makers make many beautiful murtis of gods with this marble in Jaipur which was later supplied all over the world. Source Link: https://medium.com/ssmoortiart/makrana-marble-preferred-for-making-god-idols- ea378af77de6