Safety Standard Programs That Protect Your Organisation

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Safety Standard Programs That Protect Your Organisation :

Safety Standard Programs That Protect Your Organisation ARS offers a number of safety standard programs, like the AS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) and a program developed by WorkSafe Australia. The importance of OHS cannot be understated. Implementing a robust and comprehensive OHSMS presents legal, financial, ethical and industrial relations benefits. It protects workers and companies, boosts employee morale, and reassures investors and clients.

AS 4801 Safety Standard Program:

AS 4801 Safety Standard Program The AS 4801 OHSMS , published by Standards Australia, details what an organisation is required to do in order to develop policies and objectives relating to the OHS hazards and risks over which it has control. The AS 4801 Safety Standard Program takes into account both relevant legislative requirements and more general information about OHS risks. Achieving certification requires external safety auditing by a qualified third party, a process that presents a number of benefits including: A higher chance of winning tenders Attracting higher calibre workers Proof of quality of OHSMS

OHSAS 18001 liOHS Management System Compliance:

OHSAS 18001 liOHS Management System Compliance WorkCover’s Safety Management Achievement Program is a flexible audit tool that can be used to assess any OHSMS. The program allows organisations to measure their current performance and compare it to a recognised benchmark, gain recognition for the standards achieved, and implement a cycle of continuous improvement. According to WorkSafe Australia, organisations that meet a certain level of the program should be meeting their legal obligations. However, in order to assess the effectiveness of any program, it needs to be compared against organisational objectives. This is why it is important to engage an experienced external safety auditing company.

ARS: Experienced Auditors :

ARS: Experienced Auditors In order to implement a comprehensive, effective and feasible OHSMS program, your external safety auditing service needs to take into account not only regional standards, but also international developments, latest research, industry benchmarks and organisational objectives, among numerous other factors. The ability to account for all of these dynamics requires intelligence and experience. Not only up-to-date with the latest news and legislation relating to risk assessment and management, ARS has provided safety auditing services across Australia and as far afield as Africa. ARS has worked with a diverse range of industries, from mining to logistics, food and beverage manufacture, events management and more. To find out more about AS 4801 and other  safety standard programs , contact us and speak to one of our safety auditing service specialists today.

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