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Presentation Description - Gate hardware hinges and vinyl gate hardware are exclusively offers by SafeTech Hardware of great quality. We are leading suppliers of gate hardware hinges and vinyl gate.


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Gate hardware hinges that can make your private pool a secure place :

Gate hardware hinges that can make your private pool a secure place

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Often most household owners who also have a private pool attached to their residence get stressed about the safety and security of their family members especially pets and toddlers. A private pool cannot be kept under constant surveillance; at most of the times the pool premises are empty.

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It is only on weekends and holidays or during parties that family members along with their guest gather around the pool. But it particularly during those times when the pool is empty, there is need for gate hardware that can keep pets and children away from the pool side.

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Often pets and children when left unattended can crawl or run up to the pool side which can be an extremely dangerous situation because there are high chances of them falling into the pool. Across America there were many cases of accidents and mishaps that were reported in which children playing along the pool side unattended victims of major mishaps and in some cases were also drowned.

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Drowning in most of the cases is a fatal accident therefore, in order to make sure that your children or pets are safe even when there is no one at the pool. Safetech Hardware has brought to the market self close gate hardware hinges that make sure that the pool gate is locked when there is no adult present.

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Often senior citizens also become victims of mishaps that cause serious injury to their body. These mishaps usually take place due to a slip or fall that happens due to the presence of water in and around the pool. Now to make sure that the all your family members are safe and secure, Safetech Hardware has launched a range of gate hardware products that are specially designed for pool.

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Self closing gate hardware hinges keep children, pets and senior citizens away from the pool when it is unattended by adults , guardians or care takers.