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A specialized division in medicine that allows radiation in treating cancer with the objective of curing it, reducing the pain or any other symptoms triggered by cancer is known as radiation oncology or radiation therapy. Know More: https://oncology.fortisbangalore.com/cancer-treatments-bangalore/radiation-oncology


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Difference Between Radiation and Chemotherapy Treatment oncology .fortisbangalore.com

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Both of these treatments are used for treating cancer diseases. Cancer is a broad term. It describes a group of disease that happens when the cells undergo uncontrolled growth and division. The growth of cells can be slow as well as fast. Sometimes due to excessive growth of the cells a bulk like mass of tumor comes out in the affected areas while in other types of cancer there are no tumors like leukemia. Cancerous cells have lost the tendency of contact inhibition. Contact inhibition is a process where the surrounding cells have the ability to stop neighbouring cells from dividing uncontrollably.

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All cells have to die at one point of time and if that does not happen then that condition causes cancerous cells which are of immortal nature. The cells also spread to other parts of the body and can even start a new tumor at that part of the body thus destroying the cells there. There are numerous causes which includes: ● Heavy alcohol consumption ● Physical excessive body weight ● Poor nutrition ● Physical and chemical harmful radiations ● Biological carcinogens

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The treatment includes some of the following methods ● Chemotherapy treatment ● Radiotherapy treatment ● Immunotherapy treatment ● Stem cell treatment Radiation therapy for Cancer This therapy is a kind of treatment which usually involves the use of radiations with great amount of energy which is directly used to kill the cancerous cells. Often X-rays are used in this process to treat this ailment.

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The term radiation therapy refers to external form of radiation treatment. In this treatment a machine is used that sends the beams of high-energy radiations aiming at the cancer affected area of the human body. Another method also exists where radiations are placed inside the human body to target the affected areas. The primary aim of the therapy is to destroy the cells by terminating the genetic material of the cells which allow them to divide and function. The target has to be set accurately so as to destroy only the cancerous cells as the healthy growing cells present within the vicinity of the cancerous cells should not be adversely affected. Radiotherapy in Bangalore and many other cities of India is provided by many good hospitals and healthcare unit with qualified professionals.

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Risk factors associated with radiation treatment ● Loss of hair at the affected area which becomes permanent sometimes skin shrinkage and irritation with other skin problems. ● Difficulty in eating and swallowing of food because of thick saliva taste swings sores tooth decay and nausea. ● Shortness of Breath. ● Nausea vomiting and diarrhea. ● Sexual dysfunction with urinary bladder problems and irregular bowel and urinal movements.

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Chemotherapy treatment This treatment for cancer remedy involves use of drugs of different combination of chemicals to destroy cancerous cell in the body and hence the name chemotherapy. This treatment stops the growth of fast growing and uncontrollable cells. A large number of such drugs are available and sometimes professionals suggest a combination of two as seen fit. Many health care hospitals and clinics provide chemotherapy to patients. Be it Chemotherapy in Bangalore or Mumbai or Delhi a very good range of health care professionals are there.

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Risk factors associated with Chemotherapy treatment ● Nausea ● Fever ● Vomiting ● Diarrhea ● Hair loss ● Appetite loss and weight loss ● Pain ● Constipation ·

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In long run risk factors includes ● Kidney issues ● Heart issues ● Nerve damage ● Lung damage ● Infertility ● Sometimes risks of second cancer

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Both the treatments have their own pros and cons. After analysing the symptoms of the patient the doctor decides which way to go for and which treatment to choose. Sometimes a combination of both the treatments be suggested simultaneously. Risk factors are prevalent but still suggested for the benefits they carry.

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