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Music Appreciation: 

Music Appreciation MUS 101 Internet Orientation Northeast Alabama Community College Summer 2007


Instructor: Daniel C. Knox Office: GY 240 Phone: 6384418 or 228-6001, ext. 432 Consult contact: [email protected] or [email protected] or by appointment


COURSE DESCRIPTION AND GOALS Music is art as well as science. To be able to comprehend it to the fullest we must, therefore, be able to appreciate both its emotional and intellectual content. The aim of this course is very simple: To provide you with the tools for a basic understanding of music. It will not make you a musician or teach you how to write music. It will, however, give you the necessary background to understand what is going on technically when you are listening to music so that your experience is not limited to a wash of sound that produces a certain feeling. The course will concentrate on a) The development of an attentive style of listening, b) The introduction and systematic study of the building blocks of music, c) Enhancing awareness of the main musical styles of selected western and non-western cultures, and d) a brief overview of the main periods of music history. OnMusic, OnLine Music Appreciation © 1998, 1999, 2000 Copyright is the property of i-cubed, LLC. This copyrighted material is placed on the Web for purposes of education and research in a non-profit setting and limited to the students enrolled in course OnMusic at Northeast Alabama Community College.


Text On Music, published by McGraw-Hill, is a CD ROM format linking to the Internet. OnMusic may be purchased at Textbooks, Etc, the Northeast bookstore, or at


Evaluation 37 Quizzes 37% 4 Assignments 12% Concert Report 5% Mid-term exam 23% Final exam 23% Discussion forums bonus points (TBA)


Grading A = 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 70-79 D = 60-69

Registration Process: 

Registration Process 1. Purchase the CD-ROM package at the bookstore. Each CD-ROM package comes with a unique serial number. 2. Register your CD-ROM serial number and enroll automatically in this course, using the registration form at 3. After successful registration and enrollment, you should see a confirmation page, receive a confirmation email message, and are added to the online course roster. After online CD-ROM registration and course enrollment, you may access this course by going to, and typing the login name and password that you selected during the registration process.

Hardware Requirements: 

Hardware Requirements · PC or Macintosh Computer at 120 MHz (or faster) · Monitor Color Settings for Thousands of Colors (or higher) · 32 Megabytes RAM (or more) · 16-bit PC Sound Card or Built In Sound for Macintosh Computer, and speakers . 16x CD-ROM Drive (or faster)

Software Requirements: 

Software Requirements Installer CD-ROM For your convenience, your CD-ROM set includes an installer CD-ROM which contains all the necessary software to run your online course. This software includes QuickTime 4.1.2, Shockwave and Flash Players, Real Player 7 Basic, and the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE 5) Web browser. You will need the most recent browser that supports functionality such as Java, JavaScript, and frames. Your browser should also allow you to turn "cookies" on. Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater are recommended. In addition to the Installer CD-ROM, you can download either browser free by clicking on its icon below.

Email Account: 

Email Account Next, you will need an e-mail account. Your email address is established when you sign up with an Internet Service Provider. Check with your ISP if you do not know what your email address is. If you already have an email account, you may use this address for this online course. Remember that you will need an ISP to access classes off-campus. You must have an email address prior to starting the class.

Technical Support: 

Technical Support I cannot be your teacher and your “techie.” If you should ever have any technical questions or concerns contact at [email protected] or for Northeast Community College support contact [email protected] and they will be more than glad to give you assistance.

Other Web Sites: 

Other Web Sites Additional Web Sites: Concert listings may be found at the following web sites: Chattanooga Symphony Huntsville Symphony Atlanta Symphony Alabama Symphony


Accommodations If special accommodations are required, please notify the instructor as soon as possible.

Don’t Get Behind: 

Don’t Get Behind You may read and re-read the material at any time. You may take your quizzes any time you are ready. However, the Assignments have deadlines! You may submit them late, within reason, but you will receive some point penalty. You also have the luxury of working ahead, if your wish.


Quizzes As stated earlier, take the quizzes when you feel you have read the supporting material and understand it. These are computer-graded. Therefore, if you misspell an answer it will be counted as incorrect. If this occurs, email me the quiz name and question number and I will give you credit and adjust your score.

24/7 Class: 

24/7 Class You may log on and work at any time. If you must log off, you may; then when you log back you will be able to resume your work at the point you left it (including quizzes).

Discussion Forums: 

Discussion Forums Check the Discussion Forums. You are not required to respond. However, if you do make a reasonably intelligent response, you will receive bonus points which are added to one of your quizzes .

Assignments : 

Assignments Take your assignments seriously. I will examine them with care, so be certain to be complete. Remember, there is a late penalty for late submissions.

Mid-term and Final Exams: 

Mid-term and Final Exams The Midterm and Final Exams are taken online at a scheduled time. Make certain that you check the dates as well as the opening and closing times. If you miss the exam date you will be closed-out.


Email Check your email frequently. This is an on-line class, so electronic communication is a necessity.

One-time Experience: 

One-time Experience This is, hopefully, a one-time experience for most of you. Make the best of it by studying and submitting quality work. If you do, I believe you will find this to be a rewarding experience and you will learn to enjoy listening to music even more.

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