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TANNER SMITHS IS A TOP NOTCH SPOT FOR HOSTING EVEN If the saying bigger is better holds any merit then the tanner smiths venues must be the best for any type of private event. Throwing an office party for 200+ guests Don’t want to have it in a regular hotel ballroom setting If you are limited by a tight budget or faced with accommodating a large number of guests then the tanner smith’s cocktail bar is one of the best private party venues in midtown. Popularly known as a sensational speakeasy cocktail spot the tanner smith’s cocktail bar delivers a breathtaking setting with a spacious environment and a tavern vibe that is perfect for any type of occasion. Whatever the event maybe whether a private event or a corporate occasion the tanner smiths is one of the best choices when looking for the perfect private party venues in NYC. When it comes to the setting of the pub the tanner smith’s cocktail bar offers a speakeasy setting that

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is reminiscent of old NYC the bar has an antiquated design with an early stage like setting which gives it the perfect appearance of a 20 th century pub there is the underground bar as well retro interior décor that will captivate your guests. The tanner smith’s cocktail bar is also known as a corporate happy hour spot this spectacular speakeasy cocktail bar offers you the perfect setting for exciting happy hours specials are you interested in grabbing your favorite craft beer at a ridiculously low price The tanner smith’s cocktail bar provides you with a variety of craft cocktails selection and what makes it a whole lot better is the variety of speakeasy craft cocktails as well as craft beer the menu provides you with some of the most sought-after craft cocktails which includes curtain call Winona and other delicious speakeasy craft cocktails.

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While you can enjoy every bit of the happy hours session the tanner smith’s cocktail bar also provides you with tasty cookeries are you in search of some of the tastiest delicacies in midtown Manhattan The tanner smith’s cocktail bar brings you some of the most sought-after dishes. This speakeasy cocktail bar also offers you corporate lunch catering services in midtown Manhattan. In case you are interested in getting delicious cuisines for your private event you can always choose the services of the tanner smith’s cocktail bar. The tanner smith’s cocktail bar is always available you can head over to this speakeasy cocktail bar for an after work drink a fun-filled happy hour session or a delicious brunch in midtown. This cocktail bar is also recognized as one of the top corporate holiday party venues for hosting your favorite private event.