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TANNER SMITHS BAR OFFERS STELLAR CUISINES AND A REFRESHING HAPPY HOUR SESSION Have you found a special watering hole in midtown for your happy hours specials If are yet to find one you should consider checking out the tanner smiths speakeasy cocktail bar in midtown west NYC. The tanner smith’s cocktail bar is the latest speakeasy bar offering some of the most spectacular craft cocktails in midtown the menu offers you a variety of choices and luckily you can get all these craft beers and cocktails at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for a speakeasy craft cocktail or you desire a craft beer there is always something refreshing to choose on the menu.

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You can start your corporate happy hour specials with champagne or you can go for a Tecate whether you are a big fan of the red wine bottles and cans or rose wine selection you will always discover that special craft beer. If you are interested in special deals you can also keep in mind the variety of offers made available at the tanner smiths cocktail bar you can half the price your favorite craft beers and discounts on expensive selection of craft cocktails. This top notch speakeasy cocktail bar also focuses on serving stellar cuisines. They provide an array of cuisine selection which comprises popular choices in midtown and some of the most sought-after locally inspired delicacies. With a focus on speakeasy culture the tanner smith’s cocktail bar brings you everything that is reminiscent of Speakeasy in NYC you can opt for the tipsy brunch or you can discover a tantalizing food selection for lunch.

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While you can explore the food and drink menu at the tanner smith’s cocktail bar the tanner smith’s cocktail bar also has makes arrangement for other services they offer corporate lunch cateringservices as well private event services. Do you have an event you plan on hosting in midtown Manhattan The tanner smith’s cocktail bar offers private party venues that cater to all types of occasions you can come over to the tanner smith’s cocktail bar and host that special event in NYC. You can inform your friends about the tanner smith’s cocktail bar at work or you can always come over to this top-notch cocktail bar after the day’s work. The tanner smith’s cocktail bar opens every day of the week. In case you are looking for one of the best corporate holiday party venues in midtown you can always come over to this sensational craft pub.