The Five Themes of Geography

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The Five Themes of Geography:

The Five Themes of Geography

1. Location:

1. Location Two forms of location…

Absolute Location:

Absolute Location Absolute location tells us the exact reference to locate a place. Examples: Latitude and Longitude Address

Absolute Location of the Renaissance Center :

Absolute Location of the Renaissance Center 42.32⁰ N, 83.04⁰ W 100 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI 48243

Relative Location:

Relative Location Describes a place with respect to its environment and connection to other places. Ren . Cen.: On the Detroit River, west of Belle Isle, South of Comerica Park, east of Joe Louis Arena.

2. Place:

2. Place Place describes the human and physical characteristics of a location. Physical: Mountains, rivers, beaches, animal/plant life

2. Place (Cont.):

2. Place (Cont.) Human Characteristics Ex: Architecture, land use, religion, food, transportation

3. Human-Environmental Interaction:

3. Human-Environmental Interaction Describes how humans adapt to and modify the environment. Ex: Dams, Land Fills, Malls, golf courses, farms, deforestation, etc.

Human-Environmental Interaction (Cont.):

Human-Environmental Interaction (Cont.)

4. Movement:

4. Movement Studies the transportation of humans, ideas, goods, resources, and communication. Evolution of transportation: horseback, ship, railroad, car, plane, space shuttle

Movement (Cont.):

Movement (Cont.)

5. Region:

5. Region Region divides the world into manageable units for geographic study. Examples… Continents Countries States



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