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Resume Writing

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What is a Resume? It is the answer to “What can you do for me?” Highlights the relevant facts about you, your education, and your experience. Positions you in the mind of the employer, thus creating a value. The interview gets you the job, the Resume gets you the interview!

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What Will a Resume Do? H elp organize your thoughts E nables you to assess your abilities and experience L ets employer/interviewer remember you after the interview P rovide a basis for the interviewer to justify your hiring

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A Résumé is NOT a CV CV-Curriculum Vitae Is used in academic and research-oriented job searches. Is of flexible length. It is a record of your academic accomplishments and credentials. Résumé Is used in business, government and other types of job searches. It consist of 1-2 pages max. Used for applying middle and top level jobs Should be targeted to a particular field.

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For Research Current Values Interests Skills Personality Traits Personal Priorities and Goals. Transferable skills Needs to a career path. A list of potential employers.

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For Research Contd … What kind of skills and experience is required? What can you say that demonstrates your efforts to learn about the company? What can you tell them about the contribution you are qualified to make?

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Your resume isn’t about you. Your resume must sell you in seconds Your resume is a marketing tool, not a personal document. Your resume highlights your accomplishments, not job duties Your resume must focus on your future, not your past. Your resume shows the skills you enjoy Your resume is not a confessional Your resume must list the important facts first. Your resume must be free from grammatical and typo-errors. Your resume must have a clean layout. . The Killer resume:

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Relevant, Clear and Concise. No typing errors. No misspellings. No Abbreviations. Do not tell a lie or mistruth. Do not include any negative information. Things to Remember

Should I Have More Than One Version of My Resume? :

Should I Have More Than One Version of My Resume? YES! CREATE A TARGETED RESUME EACH TIME YOU APPLY

Use Action Verbs!:

Use Action Verbs! Organized Communicated Directed Planned Created Assisted Supported Initiated Solved Reported Edited Analyzed Described Developed Managed Led Sold Designed

Contact Information:

Contact Information Name : (largest font) Address: (spell out the state e.g.: B’Lore. should be written as Bangalore) Telephone Number : +91 --------------- Cell Number : +91 9----------------- Email Address:


Example DEEPA SANKAR 409-b, Cross Road South Extension Part-I New Delhi-11 Mob: 09995595959 [email protected] RAJESH KRISHNAN 580 Church Road Phone : 022-2354698 Worli, Bombay-69 Mob: 09747123333 [email protected] Deepa sankar 409-b, cross Road, South Extn -I New-Delhi-11 Mob: 09995595959 Rajesh Krishnan 580 Church Road Phone : 022-2354698 Worli, Bombay-69 Mob: 09747123333 [email protected]

The Career Objective:

The Career Objective Keep it short. Never write an objective with “I” Do not exceed more than two lines If you can't be specific about the job you're applying for any reason, don't use an objective. Example: T o obtain a position in your Financial Planning group that utilizes the achievements, skills, strategic thinking and leadership abilities that enable me to consistently exceed earnings

Employment History:

Employment History Reverse chronological order. Divide the Relevant Experience with Work History. Five Components: Job Title Name of Employer Location Dates of employment Description Exclude Unaccountable gaps. Street address, supervisor names, telephone number or reason for leaving.


Education List most recent education first. Mention Date of Completion and University/College name. Mention Percentage only if in first 3 class.

Relevant Coursework (Optional):

Relevant Coursework (Optional) This is for new graduates or current students. This lets the employer know which courses you have already completed. Do not list every course, only relevant courses to specific skills.


Activities Mention memberships etc. Community work, volunteer work etc. Avoid controversial association such as Politics, Religion etc .

Achievements and Awards:

Achievements and Awards Do not repeat your ‘Activities’ here. Mention these only when you have received an Award. Mention Scholarships etc.

Hobbies and Interests:

Hobbies and Interests


References Do not send to employer unless they request it. Between 3-5 references, All individuals with direct knowledge of your job abilities. Or a professor of main subjects No Relatives. Ask the permission of references before giving their names and numbers.

Do’s of Resume Writing:

Do’s of Resume Writing 1 to 2 page. 10-12 font size. Times New Roman, Arial, Bookman, Trebuchet etc. Be consistent with fonts/size/bold/italics etc. Spread out information. Bolding, different size fonts. Your name should be largest font on page. Write in third person.

Avoid :

Avoid Height, weight, place of birth, marital status etc. Fancy Fonts, Clip art or non-traditional paper. Don’t go for bordered paper. The word "Resume" at the top!  Any statement that begins with "I" or "My" Reasons for leaving previous job(s). References. Religion affiliations, political affiliations.

The Final Test:

The Final Test Judge your Resume…. Does it clearly and quickly communicate to employer that you can do the job? Do your strengths come across? Does everything support the job you are targeting? Should anything be removed? Does it really sell your skills?

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