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Partners in Learning Network (PILN) User Guide:

Partners in Learning Network (PILN) User Guide

About Partners in Learning Network India:

About Partners in Learning Network India The Partners in Learning website http://in.partnersinlearningnetwork.com/Pages/default.aspx is a global community where educators can share resources, web-links and ideas.  It also offers free resources for teachers. On the site you can: read about the latest developments in the field of education learn how teachers are integrating IT in their classrooms create or join communities with like minded educators from all corners of the globe connect with other educators who are registered on the site upload resources and share useful links access Virtual Classroom Tours (VCT’s) and Lesson Plan download FREE tools & resources . To sign up on PILN all you need is a Windows Live account

How to Access Partners in Learning Network?:

How to Access Partners in Learning Network? Open Internet Explorer (IE) Type the URL of Partners in Learning Network in the address bar ( http://in.partnersinlearningnetwork.com ) Press ‘Enter’ to open PILN home page

Home Page-PILN India (Current Look):

Home Page-PILN India (Current Look) Do you have a Hotmail/Live ID? If yes, then login with your email ID by clicking on “ Sign In ” Link If No, Click on “ Sign Up ” to create your new Live/Hotmail ID

How to Sign In / Sign Up?:

How to Sign In / Sign Up? To “ Sign In” Enter your Windows Live /Hotmail ID & Password Click on “ Sign Up” to create New Windows Live /Hotmail ID

How to Create Windows Live/Hotmail ID?:

How to Create Windows Live/Hotmail ID? Fill in the requested details in the given form

Windows Live ID Creation Process (Enter Details):

Windows Live ID Creation Process (Enter Details)

New Windows Live ID Created:

New Windows Live ID Created Congratulations…! New Windows Live ID Created

Login to PILN with New Windows Live ID:

Login to PILN with New Windows Live ID Click on Sign In to Login to PILN

Create Your PILN Profile:

Create Your PILN Profile After signing in with your new windows Live/Hotmail ID you will be asked to create your PILN Profile Fill up required details Select the appropriate Title. For e.g., if you are a teacher select “Teacher” from the drop-down list Upload your profile picture

Home Page View- After Login:

Home Page View- After Login On the home page you can access Articles, Resources & Indian Innovative Teacher’s Blog

Home Page : ‘In the Spotlight’:

Home Page : ‘In the Spotlight’ ‘ In the Spotlight ’ features top articles which automatically rotate through 3 articles. Click on ‘ Read More ’ link to open the spotlight article in article viewer page

Home Page : Featured Articles:

Home Page : Featured Articles The next three featured articles are displayed under ‘ Featured Articles ’ section Click on ‘ Read More’ to open the articles in article viewer page

Home Page : More Articles:

Home Page : More Articles The ‘ More Articles ’ web-part on the bottom left of the home page displays additional published articles. Only the ‘ Article Title’ displays as a link Click on the ‘ Article Title’ to view it on the article viewer page

Home Page : More Articles:

Home Page : More Articles The ‘More Articles’ web-part on the right side of Article Viewer page displays all published articles Here only ‘ Article Title ’ displays as a link Click on the Article Title to view it on the article viewer page

Back to Home Page:

Back to Home Page Click on ‘ Back to Home’ link on the article viewer page to return to PILN Home Page

Home Page : Featured Resources:

Home Page : Featured Resources ‘ Featured Resources ’ Features top 5 Virtual Classroom Tours/Lesson Plans on the home page To download any resource click on Resource Title

How to Download Featured Resource?:

How to Download Featured Resource? On clicking ‘Features Resources’ title, the resource opens on the resource home page Click on ‘ Download All Files’ button to download that resource.

Home Page : The Blog:

Home Page : The Blog ‘ The Blog ’ Section features 3 latest posts on Indian Innovative Teachers Click on ‘ Visit the Blog ’ to find out what’s going on, what’s new on the PILN Network and more!

Home : Featured Program:

Home : Featured Program This section under ‘ Featured Resources’ features a program offered by Microsoft in India Click on ‘ Program Title’ link to read more about it

Home Page : My Notebook:

Home Page : My Notebook ‘ My Notebook’ web-part helps you to view your recent activities on PILN, view your communities and manage your favorite resources You can also use ‘ My Notebook’ to store public and private documents ‘ My Notebook’ also allows you to view & edit your profile

Home Page : Connect:

Home Page : Connect ‘ Connect ’ page helps you to find and connect with other members and schools on PILN

How to Connect PILN Members?:

How to Connect PILN Members? PILN has ‘ Members Directory’ which provides a comprehensive list of all community members world-wide who have chosen to make their personal profile available To narrow down your search use Member Search The most innovative and outstanding teacher will be the featured member and his/her profile picture and name will be displayed under ‘ Featured Members’

How to Connect PILN Schools?:

How to Connect PILN Schools? PILN has ‘ Schools Directory’ which provides a comprehensive list of all schools world-wide who have chosen to make their school profile available To narrow down your search use School Search The most innovative school of the country will be the featured school and its profile picture and name will be displayed under Featured Schools

How to Invite Colleague?:

How to Invite Colleague? Here you can share the PILN Network with colleagues/aspiring educators by inviting them to join the community . To send an invite , enter the recipients name and email address, then click Send button If you wise to invite more than one person to join, click the Add Colleague link (You can invite up to 10 people at a time)

Home Page : Community:

Home Page : Community ‘ Community’ web-part helps you to create your own community, & view all the communities worldwide on PILN

Understanding the Community Web-Part:

Understanding the Community Web-Part Community home page displays ‘ My Community ’ & ‘ All Community ’ My Communities show all the communities which you have created and joined All Communities show all the communities available worldwide on PILN

How to create New Community?:

How to create New Community? Click on ‘ Create Community ’ Fill in the necessary community details like community name, community description, whether public/private community etc.

My Community View:

My Community View Once your community is created, it will reflect under ‘ My Communities’

Community Functionality:

Community Functionality The community details page is the hub of activity for your community Use ‘ Announcements’ to communicate your community members about the activities with in your community Announce an upcoming event, addition of new shared documents and discussions that is on going and could be valuable for members to engage

Manage Announcements:

Manage Announcements As the community owner you can manage ‘ Announcements ’ section You can Edit, Delete & set Alerts for Announcements on your community To make new Announcement Click on ‘ Add new announcemen t’ Link

How to Add New Announcement?:

How to Add New Announcement? Enter Announcement Title Add announcement details under Body Add the date on which event Expires To save announcement details click on Save button

Community Discussions Functionality:

Community Discussions Functionality Your community has discussion functionality that reflect an on-going conversation and is linked through the discussion title on either the community home page or the discussion page.

How to Add New Discussion?:

How to Add New Discussion? To began a discussion fill in the ‘Start New Discussion’ form After filling the details, click ‘ Start Discussion’ Button

Discussion Details:

Discussion Details After you have began a discussion you can begin the conversation by posting the first new comment After posting click Post Comment button

Events & Links Functionality :

Events & Links Functionality Use the ‘ Events’ section to supplement the announcement to your community Events may include training classes, in-person meetings, webinars or a planned online discussions Use the ‘ Links’ section to provide additional online useful resources to your community Create an event by clicking the ‘ Add new event’ link Add links by clicking the ‘ Add new link ’ link

How to Add New Event?:

How to Add New Event? F ill-in the required fields like E vent Title, Start and End Time, Location and short Description of the event You can also attach any file using the ‘Attach File’ functionality available on the form

How to Add Shared Documents?:

How to Add Shared Documents? Shared Documents help you to share resources with your community by adding the documents to the documents library. Share documents by clicking the Add document link from the community home page Select a file to upload by clicking Browse button Once file is selected, click Open The file path will display in the name field of the upload document form Click ‘ OK’ to upload document

How to Add Photo in Community?:

How to Add Photo in Community? You can add multiple images to your community Use the functions below the photo strip to Add Photos, Edit Captions or Delete Photo Use the ‘ Browse’ button to add one or multiple photos to upload. Click Add Photo when complete Partners in Learning India Content Managed By Educomp Solutions Limited

How to Join Public Community?:

How to Join Public Community? You can join any public community To Join Click on the Community Title After clicking, you will be prompted to join that community to interact Click on Join Now Membership to a public community is immediate once a member clicks on Join Now button

Private community:

Private community If a community is a private community you will see a ‘Lock’ icon next to the name of the community

How to Join Private Community?:

How to Join Private Community? Members can click on ‘ Request to Join’ button to Join Private Community The Request to Join will prompt an email-form for you to send your request to the community owner Click Send button Once your request is accepted, you will receive a mail from the community owner to join that community

How to Manage Community?:

How to Manage Community? As a community owner you have added opportunity to manage your community Community members are shown on your community homepage Membership is separated by owners and members Click the header ‘Community Members’ to go to a full community listing

How to Manage Community? (Contd…):

How to Manage Community? (Contd…) The full membership roster is displayed on the Member s page As the community owner, you have additional functionality to manage your community membership You will find functionality to ‘Remove Ownership’ ‘Promote to Owner’ ‘Remove from Community’

Community Setting:

Community Setting The ‘ Community Setting ’ link from your community home page opens the Edit Community page All fields except community URL are editable After editing your community click ‘ Save Community’ button Once saved you will see the confirmation screen that changes have been saved

Community : Help:

Community : Help ‘ Help’ is provided for getting started with your community , about , best practices, code of conduct & general community information

Home Page : Resources:

Home Page : Resources PILN has ‘ Resources’ which you can use inside the classroom like virtual classroom tour, lesson plan & ppt’s to make teaching learning effective ‘ Resources ’ also includes library which can be useful for your professional development Click on Resources on the home page to view the latest library and classroom resources

Resources Functionality:

Resources Functionality The Resources web-page features 3 latest Library Resources, 3 Classroom Resources and 3 Featured Tools & Programs Click on the resource title to download it

Classroom Resource:

Classroom Resource A Classroom Resource is a resource that you, as an educator, may find useful inside the classroom Classroom resource can encompass a wide variety of resource types, from lesson plan on a particular topic to reviews of different digital classroom projectors To open or download a specific classroom resource, simply click on its title

Adding Classroom Resource:

Adding Classroom Resource Click on Add Classroom Resource on the Resources Home Page to add your resource Classroom Resource can also be added by clicking on ‘Add Classroom Resource ’ on the right side of Resources Home Page

How to Add Classroom Resource?:

How to Add Classroom Resource? Enter the requested information in the field, select appropriate checkbox to describe your classroom resource Click on Classroom Resource Functionality to know more on how to add classroom resource

Library Resource:

Library Resource A Library Resource is a resource that you , as an educator, may find useful for personal or professional growth, but isn’t necessarily intended for instructional use inside the classroom A library resource has 4 categories Teaching & Learning Leadership & Innovation Professional Development Learning Environment

How to Add Library Resources:

How to Add Library Resources Enter the requested information in the field, select appropriate checkbox to describe your library resource Click on Library Resource Functionality to know more on how to add Library resource

How to Rate Classroom/Library Resource:

How to Rate Classroom/Library Resource Resource Home Page allows you to rate any resource. To rate, click on ‘ Rate It’ button

Rate It Functionality:

Rate It Functionality You can give upto 5 stars to any resource Click on the appropriate radio buttons to rate Enter your comments in the ‘ Comments’ box Click Submit button to post your comment

Tools and Programs:

Tools and Programs On the Resource home page you will find ‘ Tools and Programs’ which you can use both inside and outside your classroom


Tools Under ‘ Tools’ you will find details of various Microsoft educational tools that can be used to create innovative lesson plans and presentations Click on ‘ Tools ’ title to know about it in details


Programs Under Programs you will find details of various programs offered by Microsoft all over the world. For example, Peer Coaching Program, Innovative School Program etc. Click on the Program Title to know about it in details


Search ‘Search’ function on the home page helps you to search for any particular resource, community, program or tool you are looking for.

How to use Search Functionality?:

How to use Search Functionality? To begin your search enter the keyword and select the appropriate option available. For example, If you are searching for a community ‘Innovation with Microsoft educational tools’, enter this name in the search box and select search within ‘ Communities ’ and press ‘ Enter’

Search Results:

Search Results Once you press Enter , Search results page will open with the community name you searched for Click on ‘ Community ’ Title to view/join

Country Specific View:

Country Specific View If you want to visit any other country’s PILN portal then click on ‘ Location ’ in the upper right corner Select the country from drop down list Once selected, you will be taken to that country’s PILN

Presented By: Partners In Learning Network (India) Visit us at : http://in.partnersinlearningnetwork.com For any query, write to us at : Ready to Help Copyright © All Rights Reserved.:

Presented By: Partners In Learning Network (India) Visit us at : http://in.partnersinlearningnetwork.com For any query, write to us at : Ready to Help Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

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