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Both wall to wall carpets and rugs has their own advantage and disadvantage. So in this presentation, we have compared both rugs and carpets for better understanding. Presented by Rugs City For more info:


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Carpet Vs. Rugs:

Carpet Vs. Rugs Pros and Cons

“Carpet and Rug”:

“Carpet and Rug” People usually consider both carpet and rug as same product, but these two are completely different products. Carpets are used to cover the entire floor of your room from wall to wall on the other hand rugs only cover a specific area of your floor, can be used under a table, in the kitchen, in a bathroom. Both of these products come with their own advantages and disadvantages, the selection of these two totally depends on your needs and requirements.


Rugs Rugs are mainly used to highlight specific area of your room and can be changed easily. You can change the appearance of your room just by placing an area rug at right place. Rugs has an ability like Chameleons that they can meld with any area of your home and you can also pick them up and take them with you when you move. What makes rugs special? Slide right to read pros and cons of rugs…. 

Pros and Cons Rugs:

Pros and Cons Rugs Pros: You can easily wash and dry rugs Helps to define your living space Ease to switch the color scheme and style of room Good choice for people with allergies because they’re easy to clean Cons: Sometimes people slip or trip on the edges of rugs Rugs cannot create the same unified look that a wall to wall carpet may provide. Rugs provide insulation across certain sections only when compared to wall to wall carpets.

Wall-to-wall Carpets:

Wall-to-wall Carpets Wall to wall carpeting IS secured to the floor with glue & tacking strips and it never moveS or slipS. As carpets are fixed to the floor, they are more stable and slip resistant. And once the carpeting is done, it can last for years, and YOU is no need to worry about changing them OFTEN. When used in the coordination of your room’s design and décor, carpeting can make a small home look larger. Slide right to read pros and cons of Carpets…. 

Pros and Cons Carpets:

Pros and Cons Carpets Pros: Carpets are slip and trip resistant Carpets provide insulation to the entire home and make home warm & comfy Neutral colour carpets can make the house look bright and create a sense of cohesion in a space They reduce heat-loss and sound transmission Cons: They are very expensive compared to rugs If there is some wear and tear in any particular part, you will have to live with it Carpet cleaning is difficult and expensive You can’t take carpets with you when you move.