Rude Ranch Animal Rescue

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This demo file show pictures of Rude Ranch Animal Rescue, a no kill animal shelter and ways you can help the shelter


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CFC # 45379


RUDE CFC # 45379

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RANCH CFC # 45379

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ANIMAL CFC # 45379

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RESCUE CFC # 45379

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CFC # 45379

Welcome to Rude Ranch : 

Welcome to Rude Ranch CFC # 45379

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Join us for a tour CFC # 45379

It’s a Kitty Haven : 

It’s a Kitty Haven CFC # 45379

It’s the Cat’s Meow! : 

It’s the Cat’s Meow! CFC # 45379

But we need your help : 

But we need your help CFC # 45379

And here’s how: : 

And here’s how: Volunteer!! CFC # 45379

Become an Adoption Counselor : 

Become an Adoption Counselor CFC # 45379

Be a caretaker : 

Be a caretaker CFC # 45379

Do admin work : 

Do admin work CFC # 45379

Do admin work : 

Do admin work CFC # 45379

Donate! : 

Donate! CFC # 45379

Donate! : 

Donate! Rude Ranch Animal Rescue relies upon donations to help continue rescuing abandoned animals from the streets. We work hard to place every animal from our shelter into a loving, permanent home. It is essential for us to be able to provide medical care, food and shelter for the animals prior to their placement. Here are some easy and painless ways you can help! All donations are tax-deductible and much appreciated. CFC # 45379

Donate! : 

Donate! Through CFC: CFC # 45379

Donate! : 

Donate! The Good Old-Fashioned Way Send a check or money order for any amount you can spare to the following mailing address: Rude Ranch Animal Rescue3200 Ivy Way Harwood MD 20776 Please include your name, address and telephone number on checks. CFC # 45379

Donate! : 

Donate! Donate online! Use your secure Paypal account for a one-time donation of any amount. CFC # 45379

Donate! : 

Donate! Donate Your Car, Boat or RV! CFC # 45379

Adopt a feline friend : 

Adopt a feline friend CFC # 45379

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410-798-9559 Thank You!!! CFC # 45379

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