International Communication Guide to Saudi Arabia

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International Communication Guide to Saudi Arabia:

International Communication Guide to Saudi Arabia By: Team Saudi Arabia Faridah Aboubakari Durand D’Silva Griffin Ford Ruben Karapetian

Demographics and Facts:

Demographics and Facts Saudi Arabia is known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Governed by a Monarchy Located in the Middle East Population of 27, 448, 086 90% Arab and 10% Afro-Asian Consists of 100% Muslim Religion


Language Arabic is the primary language Is spoken by more than 200 million people Is also the official language of the Quran English is also widely accepted Is used for business and is taught in schools

Business Etiquette:

Business Etiquette A “wakeel” is needed to do business Trust is needed before business can be established Business meetings are conducted in a comfortable setting Expect delays when negotiating a deal Business cards are a necessity

Business Attire and Appearance:

Business Attire and Appearance Men Conservative suit and tie Avoid visible jewelry Business casual is becoming more acceptable for men. Women Modest and conservative Must wear lengthy clothing Casual attire is unacceptable for women Visitors must consider local standards

Cultural Norms:

Cultural Norms Styles of greetings Handshakes Traditional greetings Gender appropriate greetings Conversations Formality and politeness Religions and Holidays Pronunciations of names


Economics Oil Industry World’s most important oil producer Finance Currency Saudi Arabian Riyal (﷼) Exchange rates Banking Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency is the primary bank Procedures to opening a bank account


Politics Political Structures “Council of Ministers” “Consultative Council” Rules and regulations Trade Imports and Exports Constitutional Laws and Rights

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