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Green Energy Efficient Lighting : 

Green Energy Efficient Lighting “Eco-Friendly, energy efficient lighting solutions…think green” Tri R Lighting

Presentation Contents : 

Presentation Contents Company Overview Product Overview. What is “RealTime Lighting”? Lamp life and Maintenance Benefits of Tri R Lighting Popular Applications Control system options Case studies Tri R Lighting

Company Overview : 

Company Overview Provide cost-effective & environmentally friendly lighting Distribution and installation network in US, Mexico and Canada Provide sales and service to installations Provider of advanced control and automation systems to further increase savings Provide financing assistance thru US Bank Inc Provide rebate benefit information for all available rebate and incentive programs Maintenance Services Tri R Lighting

Product overview : 

Product overview What does “Tri R” lighting mean? The science behind lighting Lamp life and maintenance Energy & maintenance savings Environmental benefit Tri R Lighting

What does “Tri R” lighting mean? : 

What does “Tri R” lighting mean? Fluorescent type lamp without electrodes or filaments Magnetic coils create electro magnetic field Electrons and mercury atoms collide to create UV light Light becomes visible when passed through phosphor coating of tube. Tri R Lighting

The science behind induction : 

The science behind induction Blue light is an important part of human vision Natural daylight provides that blue component Caused by “Rayleigh scattering” Traditional lighting does not Increase light levels in attempt to improve vision Tri R Lighting

What is CRI? : 

What is CRI? Color Rendering Index The best possible rendering of colors is specified by a CRI of 100. RealTime lamps come in a wide range of color temperatures, between 2700K – 6500K, with 90+ CRI. This high CRI makes objects look bright, clear and natural . Tri R Lighting

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How Important... CRI? Tri R Lighting

“A Picture is worth a thousand words” : 

“A Picture is worth a thousand words” Above: 250 Watt High Pressure Sodium vs. 120 Watt RealTime Lamp Parking Garage: 150W High Pressure Sodium vs. 80W RealTime Lamp Tri R Lighting

“A Picture is worth a thousand words” : 

“A Picture is worth a thousand words” Above: 175 Watt Metal Halide vs. 80 Watt Tri-R Induction Lamp Tri R Lighting

Less is More : 

Less is More Typical Lamp Application Comparison: 120 W Low pressure Sodium lamp [SOX 120] X 140 Lumens/W8 = 16,800 Lumens X 0.35(S/P Ratio) = 5,880 lumens of light useful to human vision. 120 W Real Time lamp X 80 Lumens/W = 10,200 Lumens X 1.96(S/P Ratio) =18,816 lumens of light useful to human vision Typical Lamp Application (50% energy reduction): 400W Metal Halide lamp 400W X 54.6 Lumens/W = 21,840 Lumens X 1.497 (S/P Ratio) = 32,541 useful lumens 200W Real Time lamp 200W X 81 Lumens/W = 16,200 Lumens X 1.96 = 31,752 (S/P Ratio) useful lumens NOTE: The calculations above do not take into account actual electrical energy consumption which would include losses in the ballasts and would make the Real Time induction lamp even more efficient Tri R Lighting

Better light mean better vision : 

Better light mean better vision The Scotopic/Photopic or S/P ratio determines the apparent visual brightness of a light source and determines how much light a lamp produces which is useful to the human eye (i.e. Visually Effective Lumens/Lux)  S/P RATIO Sun + Sky:                                   2.47 6500K RealTime Lamp:    2.25 5000K RealTime Lamp:   1.96 4000K RealTime Lamp:   1.62 Metal Halide (Na/Sc):                    1.49 High Pressure Sodium(50w):          1.14 Incandescent(2850k):                   1.41       Warm White Fluorescent:               1.00 (Credit:  Francis Rubenstein of Berkley Labs) Tri R Lighting

Better lamp life : 

Better lamp life Tri R Lighting

The real benefits of Tri R lighting : 

The real benefits of Tri R lighting Environmental impact Energy savings Less maintenance Increased productivity Safety & Security Money! Tri R Lighting

Environmental impact : 

Environmental impact Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions Dramatic reduction of hazardous waste Eliminate mercury currently from existing lamp types 100% recyclable Green product Tri R Lighting

Energy savings : 

Energy savings Immediate reduction of electric consumption Savings range 40 – 70% Tri R Lighting

Less maintenance : 

Less maintenance Five year warranty on bulb & ballast Eliminates cost of constant re-lamping 100,000 hour lamp life Less stress on HVAC system Less heat generated by fixture Tri R Lighting

Increased productivity & morale : 

Increased productivity & morale Better morale of workers Less stress on eyes Better health and less missed days by workers Tri R Lighting

Safety and security : 

Safety and security Well lit area means less accidents Instant on and re-strike time Better light with less dark areas Better lit parking lots and walk ways Tri R Lighting

Key Benefits : 

Key Benefits Environmentally Friendly Reduce lighting energy consumption and cost Reduce carbon footprint Reduce maintenance costs Five year Warranty 1000,000 hour lamp life Options for several color temperatures and wattages Instant strike and re-strike for safety Tri R Lighting

Possible applications : 

Possible applications Warehouse Office Manufacturing Roadway Railway Stations Parking Lots Education Hospital Retail Tri R Lighting

New installations or retrofit : 


Case studies : 

Case studies Hospital Application Application 1: Radiology Office: Replaced 14 x 40w T-5 Fluorescent with 4 x 40w Magnetic Induction lamps & ballasts. Reduced energy consumption from 560w to 160w 71% Energy Reduction Tri R Lighting

Case studies : 

Case studies Hotel/Resort Application Application 2: Maintenance Dept. & Laundry Room: Replacing fixtures that contain 2 x 32w fluorescent bulbs with 1 x 40w induction lamp. Decreasing energy consumption on an average of 35% Tri R Lighting

Case studies : 

Case studies Exterior Application Application 3: Parking Garages: Replacing various wattages of Metal Halides, HPS & fluorescents with half the wattage in induction lamps. Projected 10-year savings over $970,000 Tri R Lighting

Case studies : 

Case studies Town of Islip Phasing-in induction lighting into 30,000 street lights Town energy committee Electricity reduction program Adopting a number of in-house procedures to lower energy use Tri R Lighting

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Tri R Lighting “Eco-Friendly, energy efficient lighting solutions…think green” 200 SE 1st Street Miami, FL 33131 (USA) Phone: 305-600-0114 [email protected] Tri R Lighting

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