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Copyright, Fair Use and Creativity Part Two

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Listen for yourself:

Listen for yourself

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It doesn’t stop there!

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” Isaac Newton:

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” Isaac Newton

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The metaphor of "standing on the shoulder of giants" is often used to promote and validate the Free Software Movement

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Richard Matthew Stallman (born March 16, 1953), often shortened to rms , [1] is an American software freedom activist and computer programmer . In September 1983, he launched the GNU Project [2] to create a free Unix-like operating system, and has been the project's lead architect and organizer. With the launch of the GNU Project, he initiated the free software movement ; in October 1985 he founded the Free Software Foundation . Stallman pioneered the concept of copyleft and he is the main author of several copyleft licenses including the GNU General Public License , the most widely used free software license . [3] Since the mid-1990s, Stallman has spent most of his time advocating for free software, as well as campaigning against both software patents and what he sees as excessive extension of copyright laws. Stallman has also developed a number of pieces of widely used software, including the original Emacs , [4] the GNU Compiler Collection , [5] the GNU Debugger , [6] and many tools in the GNU Coreutils [ citation needed ] . He co-founded the League for Programming Freedom in 1989.

“Information wants to be free.”:

“Information wants to be free.” BUT…………

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“Walking on Eggshells” :

“Walking on Eggshells” This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Free Tools for Your Own Remix

Free Tools for Your Own Remix

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Dear Audience, I hereby give Sita Sings the Blues to you. Like all culture, it belongs to you already, but I am making it explicit with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License . Please distribute, copy, share, archive, and show Sita Sings the Blues . From the shared culture it came, and back into the shared culture it goes. You don't need my permission to copy, share, publish, archive, show, sell, broadcast, or remix Sita Sings the Blues . Conventional wisdom urges me to demand payment for every use of the film, but then how would people without money get to see it? How widely would the film be disseminated if it were limited by permission and fees? Control offers a false sense of security. The only real security I have is trusting you, trusting culture, and trusting freedom. Thatsaid , my colleagues and I will enforce the Share Alike License . You are not free to copy-restrict ("copyright") or attach Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) to Sita Sings the Blues or its derivative works.

Challenging the law: Nina Paley interview

Challenging the law: Nina Paley interview

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