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VSU College of Nursing and Health Sciences Admission Advising Session:

VSU College of Nursing and Health Sciences Admission Advising Session Students applying for admission into: BSN and Accelerated Programs

Application Checklist at a Glance:

Application Checklist at a Glance Accepted to Valdosta State University through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for the term prior to application term Completed or will complete ALL of the pre-nursing core courses and other admission requirements by the term prior to application term An earned 2.8 overall GPA Calculated nursing certification GPA to verify eligibility- 2.8 minimum Passed the TEAS Test Attended Mandatory Applicant Advising Established a NursingCAS account and submitted all materials to NursingCAS Submitted a NursingCAS Application and ensured application is verified 9/12/2013

Accepted to Valdosta State:

Accepted to Valdosta State Apply to Valdosta State University if not already enrolled: http :// You MUST be accepted to Valdosta State University to be considered for acceptance into VSU’s School of Nursing Apply early to VSU must be accepted to the university early enough so that acceptance to the university is completed by the deadline for application to nursing You should apply to the university for the term PRIOR to the term you are applying for the nursing program. For example, students applying for fall start date for nursing school should apply to VSU for the summer term. All transcripts for VSU admission should be directed to the VSU Admissions office No transcripts should be sent to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences It may take up to two weeks for processing of transcripts by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions 1/2/2014

Pre-Requisite Nursing Courses :

Pre-Requisite Nursing Courses Core Curriculum Areas A-E (see current course catalog for details) Area F for School of Nursing (see current course catalog for details) A current copy of the pre-nursing advising checklist and a list of core classes can be found at : http:// 1/2/2014

Seven of Ten Rule:

Seven of Ten Rule Five of the Seven Highlighted Must be Completed at Application ENGL 1101 ENGL 1102 BIOL 2651 BIOL 2652 BIOL 2900 MATH 2620 NURS 2700 Lab Science Sequence 1 Lab Science Sequence 2 PSYC 2103 1/2/2014

Area F --- Ten Year Rule :

Area F --- Ten Year Rule Courses in Area F older than 10 years at time of program application deadline must be retaken for consideration into the program. 1/2/2014

Nursing Certification GPA:

Nursing Certification GPA Prior to encumbering the cost of application , we recommend you calculate your nursing certification GPA- Only grades for courses required for the School of Nursing are included in this calculation Nursing Certification GPA must be at least a 2.8 “C” in each science and math course in Area DIIB and F requirements (science courses, including Pathophysiology may be repeated only once) The second attempt grade will be used for students who have taken the same course twice. Does not include coursework for which you are registered for the term you apply If you haven’t completed a course, you must delete the hours from the hours column for accurate calculations A current copy of the pre-nursing GPA calculator can be found at : 1/2/2014

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V):

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) Standardized Test ( TEAS – RN) Compares your ability against level of mastery required for success in college Objective measure of your critical abilities in: Math, Science, Reading, English Basic math for professional practice Speed in reading college level material Identifies your learning style Students must meet or exceed the national mean score on the math and the reading scores with no more than two attempts in an application cycle. 1/2/2014

TEAS Information Continued:

TEAS Information Continued The TEAS is offered at VSU Testing Center Dates for the test, fee amount and the registration process are located on the BSN Applicant page located on the College of Nursing and Health Sciences website. The testing fee MUST be PAID 3 BUSINESS DAYS in ADVANCE with a money order to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences To schedule to take the entrance test, please email Ms. Bertsch at [email protected] Additional testing sites are available through ATI 1/2/2014

TEAS Information Continued:

TEAS Information Continued Study book available for purchase in the VSU bookstore Book & online practice tests available for separate purchase at Students testing at VSU will receive copy of TEAS transcript and VSU CONHS will receive the scores automatically. Students testing at any other site must request ATI send official Copies to Valdosta State College of Nursing and Health Sciences. There is a fee associated with this service. Send to Valdosta State TEAS TEAS Transcripts 1/2/2014

Complete Mandatory Applicant Advising:

Complete Mandatory Applicant Advising All students must complete mandatory applicant advising each application cycle. Dates for Applicant Advising can be found at: B.S.N-Admissions-Information.php Applicants living more than four hours away may complete online alternative applicant advising (please use the same website above but click on “web mandatory applicant advising” for those dates) 1/2/2014

Nursing Centralized Application Service (NursingCAS):

Nursing Centralized Application Service (NursingCAS) VSU School of Nursing participates in the Nursing Centralized Application Service and all nursing applications must be submitted through NursingCAS. The application and tutorials for completing the application are available on the NursingCAS website: 1/2/2014

NursingCAS continued:

NursingCAS continued All supporting documentation required by NursingCAS (non-refundable application fee, transcripts, etc.) must be submitted to NursingCAS and not to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. ALL transcripts from previous course work must be submitted to NursingCAS with the appropriate transcript form that is available for download on NursingCAS website. This includes your VSU transcript and/or any other transferred to VSU. NursingCAS will verify your application for accuracy and make your application materials to the Nursing programs you designate. Applicant must log into NursingCAS to ensure that all submitted information (application, transcripts, etc.) has been verified by the application deadline. 1/2/2014

NursingCAS Application Tips:

NursingCAS Application Tips Check Your Status Online Begin the Application Process Early Send Transcripts As Soon As Possible Enter All Colleges Attended - even if it was only for a single course Enter All College Level Course Work Make certain to submit your application 1/2/2014

NursingCAS and Transcripts:

NursingCAS and Transcripts Transcripts must be issued to NursingCAS. Transcripts issued to the student will not be considered official and will not be verifiable. Include your NursingCAS Transcript Form . Applications with missing and/or unverifiable transcripts two weeks following the deadline will not be considered. 1/2/2014

Important Dates for Application Cycle:

Important Dates for Application Cycle Important Dates for the Application Process can be found at: B.S.N-Admissions-Information.php Dates included are: Timeline for admission to VSU ( transfer students ) TEAS Testing Mandatory Applicant Advising NursingCAS Start date and Deadline 1/2/2014

Application Deadline:

Application Deadline All steps in the application process must be completed by the dates posted on the College of Nursing and Health Sciences website: Check the College of Nursing and Health Sciences website for important announcements concerning the application process and deadlines Incomplete Applications, including those not verified by NursingCAS , will not be considered 1/2/2014

Applicant Selection Process:

Applicant Selection Process Completed Courses are Verified GPA Calculation of Nursing Certification GPA TEAS Exam Scores Verified Completion of Mandatory Applicant Advising Verified Completion of Georgia Legislative Requirements Verified Exceptions and deadlines for transfer students related to Legislative requirements can be found in VSU catalog . Students are ranked based on Nursing Certification GPA at time of application 1/2/2014

Acceptance into College of Nursing and Health Sciences:

Acceptance into College of Nursing and Health Sciences Competitive admissions process is necessary based on limitations in resources Meeting the Minimum Requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program Students are notified of acceptance, space restriction, or denial approximately six to eight weeks after the application deadline. Notification of acceptance and conditions will be sent in acceptance letters Each student receiving an acceptance letter must submit the form either accepting or declining his or her seat. Students who do not respond to the acceptance letter will forfeit their seat to the next student on the space restriction list. Notes : Positions which become vacant due to applicants not successfully completing required pre-requisite coursework and all admission requirements may be offered to qualified students who were sent no space available letters. Applicants receiving no space available letters are STRONGLY encouraged to continue with completion of outstanding pre-requisite requirements in case a space becomes available at a later time. 1/2/2014

Students Accepting Position:

Students Accepting Position An additional letter will be mailed detailing specific steps and dates that must be completed prior to your first day of Nursing School. Upon receipt of this letter students are encouraged to act IMMEDIATELY on the matters at hand. These action steps can take a considerable amount of time and cannot be completed in a day or a weeks time in many cases. 1/2/2014

Special Considerations for Planning: Nursing Majors:

Special Considerations for Planning: Nursing Majors Documentation (due the first day of class) of a current physical exam (p. 252 of 2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog) Negative Drug screen Finger Printing Criminal Background Check TB Testing Tetanus Hepatitis B Vaccine Varicella titer (For problems fulfilling this requirement, you must see Dean Hufft immediately.) Clinical coursework requirements Travel – you must have your own car Scheduling - nights and weekends are possibility CPR (Basic Cardiac Life Support for Health Care Providers - American Heart Association only ) Start planning for expenses once position accepted (Books, testing fees, professional liability insurance, etc.) IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS SEE Assistant Dean Dr. Dyal IMMEDIATELY 1/2/2014

Acceptance and Preparation :

Acceptance and Preparation Signed School of Nursing health form -- from physician or nurse practitioner indicating health requirements met Immunizations Must meet conditions of Performance Standards (found at performance-standards.php Notify Dean immediately of issues related to meeting the immunization requirement or physical examination criteria Health insurance Must use required insurance through United Health University System of Georgia Requirement will be charged to tuition unless waived Waivers can be completed AFTER course registration has occurred. 1/2/2014

Immunization Tracker:

Immunization Tracker Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR) Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Titer If series has not been completed, it is at least a FOUR month process. Varicella (Chicken Pox) Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis (Tdap) TB Skin Test (2 Step) Really a FOUR step process CPR Certification Health Insurance Physical Exam Liability Insurance All items must be COMPLETE prior to entrance to the program. 1/2/2014

Cost Estimates for Nursing School:

Cost Estimates for Nursing School Student Professional Liability Insurance-$30/year Mandatory Health Insurance (unless waiver approved) $1087 Nurse Pak (equipment for lab) $150 Two sets of uniforms $230 Clicker $55 KAPLAN Testing (NCLEX review included)- $450 divided over four terms Criminal Background Check $50 Drug Screens $50 Immunization Tracker $25 CPR Certification-varies 1/2/2014 These amounts are an estimation only and are subject to change.

Estimated for Cost of Books:

Estimated for Cost of Books Junior 1-$936 Junior 2-$707.90 Senior 1-$541.20 Senior 2-$143.75 1/2/2014

Save the Date (Attendance is Mandatory)::

Save the Date (Attendance is Mandatory): New Nursing Student Orientation: Thursday PRIOR to the First Day of Class 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Kaplan Critical Thinking Exam (No prep required for this exam) Kaplan fees must be paid prior to sitting for this exam Presentations and activities are designed to inform the new nursing student of essential policies and procedures required in the CON CONHS Convocation and Course Orientation: Friday PRIOR to the First Day of Class 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Junior 1 Jump Start Workshop: Saturday PRIOR to the First Day of Class Students should verify dates on the College of Nursing and Health Sciences Master Calendar. First Day of Classes: See University Academic calendar: http :// 1/2/2014

Transfer Student Orientation:

Transfer Student Orientation Transfer students will have an additional orientation to Valdosta State University (call admissions office upon receiving admissions letter to university) 1/2/2014

How we communicate:

How we communicate Keep your contact information up to date in the BANNER system and in NursingCAS VSU email account VSU CONHS homepage Calendar of events in CON Dean’s Notes 1/2/2014

Additional Resources:

Additional Resources Student Resources including the CONHS Student Handbook, Scholarship Information, Student Petition Form, etc. are available 1/2/2014

For more information contact::

For more information contact: Ms. Melissa Willis or Ms. Michelle Lewis Advising Center College of Nursing and Health Sciences (229) 333-5959 [email protected] [email protected] 1/2/2014


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