Approaches of employment in Recession


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How business can approach towards provide employment to the candidates in present recessional scenario


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Approaches of employment in Recession : 

Approaches of employment in Recession By- Rohit Srivastava Research Scholar

Introduction : 

Introduction Recession is a general slowdown in Economic activity in a country over a sustained period of time or a business cycle contraction. Mainstream economists Use of macro economic policy Monetarists expansionary Keynesian economists-Increase govt expenditure Supply-side economist Tax cuts Lassez Faire minded No interference of govt with natural market forces

Causes of Recession : 

Causes of Recession Energy Crises Under consumption Over Production Financial Crises

Effects of Recession : 

Effects of Recession Bankruptcy Credit Crunch Deflation Foreclosure Unemployment

Typology of Unemployment : 

Typology of Unemployment Frictional Unemployment Classical Unemployment Structural Unemployment Cyclical/Keynesian Unemployment

Ways to Survive Recession : 

Ways to Survive Recession Insure One’s Income Pick a Winning Card Switch to Tracker Mortgage Protect Your Savings Take Control of One's Pension Fix One’s Retirement Income Shake Up One’s Share Portfolio Cut the Cost of Essential Insurance Boost One’s Income

Best Recession Practice : 

Best Recession Practice The Nice Guy Approach Decimation Incentive Programs Raid Your Competition Fearful Employee = Good Employee

Vertical Industry Approach Demanded : 

Vertical Industry Approach Demanded ESG Research compared internal data on 2009 IT budget changes by industry with external Data from the US Bureau of labour statistics employment situation summary from February 2009.

Trends Undiscovered : 

Trends Undiscovered Healthcare, Federal Government and state & local Government will experience and IT budget growth in 2009 Financial Services (Mid sized firms) and Communication / Media sectors will cut employment & increase IT budgets in 2009 Rest of the industries comparison will decrease employment & IT budgets in 2009 i.e. Retail, Professional Services, Manufacturing etc

Non Profit Jobs Soaring : 

Non Profit Jobs Soaring