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POSITIONING STRATEGY Hasta Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

The Story of a shepherd boy who cried “Wolf” : 

The Story of a shepherd boy who cried “Wolf” Positioning is usually a cumulative effect of small consistent activities which create positive or negative perceptions about a person or a product. Only simple, appealing propositions which are consistently made can establish a strong “positioning”. 1

What is POSITIONING ? : 

3 Is the process of ESTABLISHING an OBJECT in the MINDS of members of the TARGET MARKET Such that the OBJECT is PERCIEVED to answer the NEEDS of MARKET What is POSITIONING ? 2

How to Achieve Positioning : 

4 How to Achieve Positioning Positioning refers to the IDENTIFICATION & COMMUNICATION of : DIFFERENTIAL ADVANTAGE , or RELATIVE UNIQUENESS If you start communicating a simple message consistently to the target audience, it has been observed that the product gets POSITIONED.

(A) Differential Advantage : 

5 (A) Differential Advantage 3 We should see to it that it provides one or more key observable and measurable benefits which satisfy certain fundamental criteria.

The benefit differentiates the product from all others, creating a perception of uniqueness : 

6 The benefit differentiates the product from all others, creating a perception of uniqueness It is important, or can be made to seem important , to the target segment It is sustainable , over time, against competition Its qualities are easily measurable and observable by the prescriber or user

(B) Relative Uniqueness : 

(B) Relative Uniqueness Is the PERCIEVED UNIQUENESS of a brand in relation to its immediate competitors The UNIQUENESS may come from the brand’s intrinsic qualities or just from communication to the customers Hasta


8 CREATION of VALUE Factors distinguishing one product from another Relative uniqueness Value for Money Relevance Importance A feature becomes relatively unique only if it is PERCEIVED to be special by the user. The creation of THIS VALUE is the final objective of positioning.

Use Limited Features for Positioning : 

9 Use Limited Features for Positioning A clear positioning i.e. association of a relative advantage with the product, is often more easily achieved with a limited number, say 2 or 3 well considered product benefits, and not exhaustive list of product features.

Limited Features for Positioning (cont….) : 

10 Limited Features for Positioning (cont….) In the end, a product tends to get defined by its features, while as you know, its acceptance is determined by its benefits. There is no need to enumerate several features to reinforce the utility of Brands.


11 PRESCRIBING BEHAVIOUR Some of the skills of the Physicians Ability to probe to get more out of their patients. Creative Listening (body language of patients) Analytical skills, Communication Skills, Differential diagnostic abilities, Ability to make good presentation Regularity of follow-up, Interpersonal skills, Assertiveness, Commercial acumen.

Writing Prescription : a Reflex Action : 

12 Writing Prescription : a Reflex Action Once a brand acquires a place in physician’s mind, his reflex to prescribe the brand can be developed slowly Personal communication- for development of speedy reflexes Physician needs to be convinced & helped to associate the brand with the stimuli he receives while prescribing the same brand for his patients Ultimately prescription becomes a motor reflex of the Physician’s mind

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