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On The Job Training : 

On The Job Training “It goes without saying that sales people respond to a teacher, Team builders and a good coach. Assume your roles, and your billings will soar .”

Focus Areas for On the Job Training : 

Focus Areas for On the Job Training To train develop our colleagues to be effective and efficient –in clinic so that they confidently make productive call. To assist them to plan and organize their day to day work. To manage their territories through systems and administrative controls. To conduct activities and special campaign to identify create and retain key customers in each territory. To identify never opportunities through unbiased market survey and feedback from retailers & stockist. To enhance implementation of Marketing plan and Action Plans.

How do we go about ? Or Let’s say what are the keys factors to make our joint visit productive : 

How do we go about ? Or Let’s say what are the keys factors to make our joint visit productive Pre visit and Preparation. Joint visit. Post Joint Visit & Follow up.

Slide 4: 

Initiate your pre visit preparation minimum 10-12 day's prior to your schedule visit. Note Key observation from the colleagues DCR `s previous monthly report in terms of work standards implementation and activities done. Also refer to Sales Data Secondary / Primary and make a brief analysis Analyse your colleagues adherence of tour programme and his programme planned during your visit Having done this you need to communicate in writing your work visit plan and objectives to your colleagues so that they receive and make their preparation at least 8 to 10 days prior to visit information and allowing them to prepare in advance will actually enable you to take proactive actions in your absence. Pre Visit Preparation

Day One : 

Day One Call your colleague at contact point at least one hour prior to the actual Dr /Chemist call time. Initiate discussion on a positive note and mentioned your objective of your visit as mentioned in your letter. Look into the Daily call planner record book for the days plan and also flip his last 10-15 days work plan and implementation and put your comments and initials Check & retain his monitor for a day so that you could study it at the end of the day. Ensure you plan & surpass meeting more than 12 calls & 6-7 retailers call. Your key role would be to observe how he has planned his inputs ,assist in pre call /post call analysis ,rapport with customers, implementation of strategy and closing sales. During the break share your observation and discuss your expectation towards ensuring goal Do some role plays and situational handling exercises, observe change when you make evening calls

Day Two : 

Day Two Give a small quiz or some topics related to products marketing plan activities incentives before you start work. Plan & surpass meeting more than 10-12 Drs & 6 retailer’s. It would be nice idea to visit institution or Ex-station. Demonstrate in few doctors s call & retail calls, two way communication, probing techniques and closing techniques. Ensure your colleagues implement the same in subsequent visit. During the break discuss with them about their work standards, sales plan (Secondary & Primary ) & their action plans to surpass the targets. Assist them to analyse with the help of their data in monitor & various sales stock statement. Draw action Plans with facts & figures. In the evening try to meet top consulting doctors.

Day Three : 

Day Three Plan to meet 6-8 doctors & 4 retailers and meet stockist to observe trends & availability. Train your colleagues to deal with stockist, you will play the role of coach. Do not get into situation where you become super sales person & your colleagues would always expect you to handle stockist lifelong. During the break you need to spend around an hour so discussing in debt about your field working observation, mentioned about the inputs you have given and draw specific action plan, fill up and complete the training and on the job coaching format. End Joint work visit on a very positive note. Ensure that you leave after trying up all end and with firm commitment to follow up action plan and assurance to surpass targets. Remember the success of joint visit is not only during your visit but actually what happens in next 21 days or so after your visit.. Therefore managing absence is important. In fact it is an act by itself. That where post visit and follow up is imperative

Post Visit Follow-up : 

Post Visit Follow-up Managing your absence is a skill. It is as I say the most important part of Entrepreneurial Excellence. You need to send an immediate follow-up letter and mentioning your observation and action plans you decided with your colleagues. Follow-up on weekly basis on the assignment given. Make observation through their DCR`s on their consistency of their work pattern. Continuous feedback from their end should be encouraged. Notes ,articles or Quiz should be sent to them, which should help them to improve on way or two way of the areas of improvements you must have identified during your visit. In case of deviation or improvement be prompt to write accordingly. Keeping in touch telephonically once in a week would be a good idea.

Happy Training & Coaching : 

Happy Training & Coaching Thank you

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