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Mount Abu Tourism Mount Abu tourism lets you explore an amazing mountain range located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Mount Abu is part of the Aravalli Range one of the oldest ranges in the nation. This is a unique area. It’s a lush part of the desert surroundings so the region is filled with rivers waterfalls and forests. Mount Abu is much more that just a mountain peak to explore. There are many other great places to see on and around Mount Abu. One of the highlights for Mount Abu tourism is Guru Shikhar. This is the highest peak on Mount Abu. Many tourists come to Mount Abu for hiking. Reaching this peak will be one of the most significant accomplishments here. Guru Shikhar also has its own reward after you reach it. You will have an amazing view over the Aravalli Range. This is the best viewpoint on Mount Abu. There are a few other sights while on the peak. This site is so high that there is a major space observation station for conducting astronomy projects. Across from this modern station you’ll see a very historic temple. One of the most popular temples at Mount Abu is the one built atop Guru Shikhar. This temple was built in dedication to stories of the origin of the peak. Mount Abu also has several other temples located around its peaks. The temples each have their own special characteristics that make them great to visit. Some of the temples are carved out of stone. Other temples are built with marble.

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The most famous temples are the Dilwara Temples. These temples are most known for their details marble carvings. There are five total temples in this group. Each temple is located in a different village on the mountain. Man-made structures aren’t the only thing worth seeing on Mount Abu. You can also see the living side of the mountain at the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary was established recently to help protect and preserve the plant and animal life on the mountain. The entire protected area stretches from the highest peak down to the valley. Since this mountain range is in a part of the desert with vast greenery you can see a lot of diverse plant life on Mount Abu. The sanctuary includes over one thousand types of plants. It has just an abundance of animals as well. Some of the most common seen are lions tigers bears and hundreds of birds. Lakes have also been able to develop on Mount Abu. The lake in the middle of the mountain is called Nikki Lake. This is always a destination for tourists. It’s a very scenic place with hilly forests surrounding the lake. A point of interest is the iconic Toad Rock resembling a toad ready to leap into the lake. Climbing up these hills will give you some of the best views of Nikki Lake. You can enjoy the lake scenery from in or around the lake. Boating is a common activity for visitors. Boats can even be rented around the lake. In case you don’t want to be in the water you can also take a scenic ride around it. The hub for Mount Abu tourism is in Mount Abu Town. This town is where you’ll find the main train station and roads leading and and out of Mount Abu. This town is one of the only towns in India built overlooking a valley. Tourism in Mount Abu is very popular. You will easily be able to find a large range of hotel accommodations in Mount Abu Town. There are a lot of resources here that help you explore all the best sights around the mountain. Mount Abu tour package is available everywhere. You should take advantage of Mount Abu tour packages to plan in ahead what you’ll be doing in Mount Abu. There is a lot of things to do in Mount Abu that make it a great destination for tourists. The mountain peak will let you experience amazing views over the Indian landscape. The plant and animal life make nature even more exciting to discover. It’s also a place where you can see important historical structures such as the temples and fort. Mount Abu will be well worth the visit.

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