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Selene Goddess of the Moon, Spells, Magick , and Enchantments

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Selene has always been known as the goddess of the moon, for indeed, her name means “moon”.’ She is the daughter of Titans, Theia and Hyperion (children of Gaea). Her sister is Eos, bringer of Dawn, and her brother; Helios the Sun.

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Selene had several lovers, including the wild god Pan, Zeus (by whom she had Pandia , Erse, and Nemea), and prince Endymion (who she is said to have had 50 children by).

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In Greece, she was worshiped at the Full and New Moons. Later, she was equated with the Greek goddess Artemis and Roman goddess Diana.


Correspondences Colors: Silver, Lavender, Pale Blue, Pearl White Incense/Oils: Mugwort , Lilly of the Valley, Jasmine, Lotus Animals: Dog, Hare, Hart, Boar, Horse Rituals: Change, Divination, Fertility, Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Intuition, Dreams, Runes, Magick , Love, Plants, Medicine, Luck, Birth, Visions Stones: Moonstone, Quartz Crystal, Beryl, Pearl Metal: Silver Plants: Mandrake, Lilly of the Valley, Moonwort, Mugwort , Water Lilly, Willow Wood: Willow Planet: Moon Tarot Card: Fours, Nines Direction: West

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Selene has often been outshone by goddesses such as Diana and Artemis. Not as many people know of her as of the previously mentioned two. I urge you to read up on her and experience her power for yourself. )O(

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