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Audience Unlock has an experienced team of strategic business development partners, strategists, and media planners who have spent a decade in learning the art of online audience development.


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Audience Unlock Team Size 7 People Project Manager | Developers | Project Lead | QA About Client An Early Innovator in Digital Content INDUSTRY: BPO INDUSTRY Timeline 24 Months IN WEEKS OR MONTHS

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01. Audience Unlock is the agency-side of Native Smart Technology that Deals with the Art of Online Audience Development . Audience Unlock has an experienced team of strategic business development partners strategists and media planners who have spent a decade in learning the art of online audience development. They have different teams to handle different tasks such as ad-tech operations management and audience development. With their creativity and ideation they started with Native Smart which is a proprietary technology built after years of experience in solving ad-networking related problems being faced by publishers audiences agencies studios and brands. Audience Unlock’s some of the broad set of requirements included having a full-page video and content-based ads across the mobile website and mobile apps. Through NativeSmart most ads could be placed over channels like YouTube and most of its ads are full page Video Ads. The unique feature that allowed users to place and modify Call-To-Actions as per their preferences was among the most liked ones. With many other user-centric features the feature-packed NativeSmart platform covers the entire life-cycle of video-ads distribution and has become one of the most successful ads network platform in a short span of time. GO TO WEBSITE

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02. Goals Objectives Building a comprehensive adaptive learning platform 03. Technology Tools 04. Business Challanges Audience Unlock Project Team had to face a lot of challenges during their initial phases of Native Smart development due to the type of feature-set they wanted to include such as customizable and flexible user interface seamless user experience. Some of the major challenges that were faced are listed below:

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Eliminating Ad Blockers One of the biggest threats that Audience Unlock wanted to avoid was Ad Blocker. The reason behind it was that Ad blockers could mess with their analytics and contribute to the declining user experience. Ad Themes that get along with the Publisher’s Website It was a daunting task to customize the Ad themes including layout- logo font and background in a way that they look similar to publishers’ website in order to maintain the uniformity.

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Reviewing Analytics It was difficult to gather data that gives insights about website visitors’ behavior as earlier we used iFrames to incorporate video ads into the publishers’ website. And due to which the traffic sources were visible only on the publishers’ website. An Easy Ad-Integration Model Audience Unlock had a critical requirement to integrate ads into website content. To make it easy the client asked for an easy-to-use integration process and the user should be able to accomplish within a few clicks. 05. Visual

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06. The Solution Although a lot of work was accomplished using technologies such as Javascript and iFrames the biggest challenge was to deal with the typical properties that come along with these technologies. After extensive research and all the hard work we gained success and were able to provide solutions that were a perfect fit for our clients requirements.

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Circumventing Abolish Ad-Blockers by being creative We dropped the idea of using iFrames. Native Smart was custom-built with an architecture based was based on using an advanced tech-stack Java AWS HTML5 REST Swift 3 Android hence we resorted to an exclusively written unique Javascript code that was placed within the ad-integration module. Voila We avoided the ad-blockers. No Iframes We didn’t use iframes for incorporating videos on the publisher’s website - instead we wrote and embedded used an exclusively-developed JavaScript code within the ad-integrations module to integrate video unit and base code as part of the publishers HTML. Due to this Ad-blockers were unable to identify the changes that we did.

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Javascript used distinctively Our proficient developers harnessed the power of Javascript to get resolutions to multiple problems. One one hand it helped us get access to usage and behavior analytics. As we were able to get the Publisher URL. Custom Plugin Our business analysts researched and found that the most popular publishing platforms were based on WordPress. Hence we created a lightweight and easy to integrate Plugin for WordPress to fulfill our client’s requirement. Furthermore we even integrated Native Smart with Mopub a monetization solution for mobile app publishers mobile app.

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